Outdoor SSH leaf issue

Please tell me what you think is the problem here
I can’t get conclusive with my study
It is outdoors in soil with a steady 6.6ph. Plenty of light and water (growing in a 5 gallon cloth pot using the run out method for water)
Very good air circulation and I stopped all nutrition until I get an answer
I don’t want to lose them
There are two in this grow in separate pots

Is it possible to check runoff pH? I suspect a pH problem. Here is a plant I have that had pH problems with the same appearance.

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Good afternoon :blush: it looks like a calcium or magnesium deficiency. What nutrients are you using and what is your medium? :blush::v:

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Hey it is an organic medium soil that comes in at 6.5-6.8 and I just added cal-mag to the water cycle
Not sure about runoff ph yet
Will be able to tell tomorrow

@needmorebe4 can you post some pics of the entire plant? Had some leaves look very similar to that after a crazy azz wknd of wind 2 wks ago and I chalked it up to abrasions. New growth hasn’t shown similar traits or symptoms.

@needmorebe4 I’m unsure if it’s similar to what I just experienced. Mine abrasions are whiter and the leaves basically died off within another week so I plucked them.

Hopefully more growers will chime in soon