Help diagnosing first time growing

hi this is my first grow ever
I have a 4x4 grow space with a spider farmer 4000
I pick 10 amnesias auto kn wich 9 only survived im new to.growing and want someone help me with some diagnosis
Some spots has apeared on some leaves of my plants could someone tell me why they apeared?

Looks like either you splashed some water or nutrient when you watered them they will be fine.And welcome to the forum


@Islandgrower welcome to the forum!

Can you post a picture of the whole plant as well? If those bottom leaves are the only ones with spots then I agree with @deepsix that it is like some water splashed on the leaf and gave her a few burns. If the new growth is has the same spots you might have a bigger issue.

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Also i would like to ask this is a 4x4 grow space do you think is enough for these 9 plants? They are on a 7 gall pots

I’m a first time grower as well and your plants look amazing (at least to me)! It’s nerve racking and oh so gratifying in the same breath. I’m happy I read your post and the responses. My plants did the same thing! Actually going through it right now and just like you, I got really nervous. It’s messed up but I’m happy I’m not alone in this… Be safe & Good luck!

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