Help a brother out

my light fell on 2 of my plants and snapped a few leaves… the next night I noticed these spots that look like it could be mold or some type of burn… i doubt its a burn because I feel like it would have happened earlier being as im on top of the distance from the canopy… can you guys please tell me what this may be.


They look pretty healthy to me.
When the light fell was it on and if so was it on top of them for awhile?
The spots could just be from watering with nutrients and some got splashed on those leaves.


New growth and all up top looks good. :grin:


Naw it was just on them for a second… i was in the tent adjusting the lighting so I just quickly picked up and hung it back up… i haven’t started using nutrients yet

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Can’t tell you how many times I done that I even dropped a carbon filter on one in flower whoops. As far as the spots there just water spots no big deal.

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you sure bro? it almost look like something is eatin this leaf

I appreciate all you guys advice and knowledge man… yall the real mvps

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Have you started preventative sprays yet?

No… honestly I didn’t know about preventive spraying or anything… hell I thought if I jus kept everything kosher in the tent I would be good

Get some neem oil

Ok ill put that order in… whats rhe diagnosis in your opinion brother… o and thanks alot man for your input j really appreciate it man

Welcome I think your plants look good ! keep moving forward I see nothing to be concerned about.

Could be damage from the equipment falling. Any scratch or abrasion can show up like that… just my 2 cents. Looks great other than that!
Happy Growing!!

Cool… thanks again bro


420qc thanks bro… i had no idea at all man… i really appreciate them pennies g… same to you g

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Yeahman I was just going to say if you’re worried about anything, you can go ahead and spray them with neem oil like previously said or some Captain Jack’s bug spray which can be found at Home Depot.

Fasho… ill go grab some of both today jus so I have them on deck… thanks again bro

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