Need help identifying defects or problems

Hey guy new to the group. And new to growin as well i have these plants thats im growing in my 4x4x6 tent. For some reason some of my plants come out crunchy looking. Im on week 2 for the big ones. Tho some look a bit odd tho they are all the same strain. Trufflez unknown genetics. But yet i seem to have a feeling my plants need something else. I fed them a half doseage from fox farm fertilizers and some cal mag. But leaves seem to be droppin. Or hanging a lil lower than ussuall


Welcome to the community , overall your plants looks good.


Thanks man appreciate it. Naybe im worrying to much as a first timer


Not sure what kind of soil you’re using, but you likely don’t need to be feeding yet.


Where are you planning on growing all that weed. Thats a lot of plants for that tent :slight_smile:


I went with an organic soil. And added some worm castings. But thats bout it

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Im not even sure man. Im all new to this. I started off pretty small. Allot of my first plants died. Didnt have proper lighting. Where stunted for a while. Then i started allot more. Just in case. Didnt do my reasearch at first. But then had 100% germination rate on all of these. So i kept them

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If you can plant outdoors where you live i would definetly consider that with some of those.

To give you an idea of how big they can get. This is a single photoperiod in a 4x4 tent. I vegged it for 3 months before flipping to 12/12.


I think that’s exactly what’s happening. Lol. They looks good

Hey man. My plants are starting to show some discoloration on sum tips on sum leaves what would this indicate

I’m not very good at diagnosing issues, but I don’t see anything to concerning in the pics. If anything, maybe too much water, and I see water on the leaves. I would avoid that.

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@Bud_guy first off welcome to the forum :slight_smile: the yellowing tips could be the ladies getting the nails painted which means youve maxed out the nutes. Just a tip… when watering, try not to splash any on the leaves if indoors. The water droplets act like a magnifying glass and might burn your leaves from the light. Other than thay, from what ive seen, your girls look great!

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Thanks man appreciate that

Ive been holding back on transplanting these 3. While the one in the bigger fabpot is glowing. Ill give it a transplant soon. Thanks for the tip. And i wont water above nomore. Stick to the soil. Thanks for the welcome

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everything is fine except that they are a little over watered. At this point dont be afraid to let the pots gets dry before watering again.

How many are there? Are you able to put some outside?

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Holy budman ebb


Hey guys me again. I got this plant that has red/ pupke stems. And i got this other one thats all the way grewn. Only didference is the soil.

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Looks genetic possibly to me bro.

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Hey im week one in flower. And these seem to be pistols. But its still to early for me to tell i think? Give me some feedback pls guy thanks.

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