Help chosing light

Is bar style better than quantum board

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The majority of grower’s primary lighting are boards. There are a few growers around who run the bar style for supplementary light (UV…)


I like my bar style light, im not sure about one being better then another. I would think diodes, driver and true watts make more of a difference in the end then chip layout. Just my opinion, no facts from me supporting one over another. Can you tell us which lights your considering? Comparing them side by side would yeild a better answer.


The question I would have about the bar style lights is do they run cooler than the board style. I understand the the board is supposed to act like a heat sync but that also means that it will take X amount of time for the aluminum board to cool down. Board style lights spread the heat “evenly” across the board but if there is no board to heat up would the bar style be potentially cooler when operating especially with the driver set up outside the tent.


Thats a really good question. Im assuming u mean bar style like the gavita 1700e or something along those lines and not the supplemental style like uv. I would think the bar style would give a more even spread for sure. Not sure why hlg does not have one like that. Kinda glad they do not bc i would have to buy it!


I second @Docnraq verbatim and i think bar style lights let heat from the diodes escape up between the bars and with the driver located outside the tent theres cool runnings


If it helps I run a progrow 320 from grow light science that’s a bar light. I don’t need to run higher than 80 percent but at 80 percent and 100 (early on) my temps at 18 inches from the light are steady at 75-78. 6 inch ac infinity exhaust ambient temps 68-72. Fan stays at 1 which is the lowest setting. Very little heat in a 4 by 2 tent. Also run a dehumidifier outside the intake if needed and that raises the ambient a bit but bottom line is that I don’t have heat issues. I exhaust into my bedroom where I sleep w my tent.


All things being equal, watts, diodes, driver etc, I think the main benefit of a bar light over a board is more even light distribution.


Yes @dreamweaver i think bar style are the next evolution of the led horticulture fixture.
Ask a grower that uses a quantum board about ‘hot spots’ and see what’s up.

The ability of a bar light design will spread light more evenly over the plants canopy is a major factor to consider. It’s a newer design and forward thinking manufacturers are using this to make a better product.
Heat rises, the bar design allows air to flow up between the diodes and carry heat away more efficiently. Some manufacturers just slap two quantum boards together.
Moving the led driver away from your fixture not only removes heat from your tent but also away from your fixture. Heat will degrade your diodes over time.

A question to put out to the forum is why hasn’t HLG any bar fixtures in its product line?


Bar style is way better than quantum boards at even coverage of light distribution.


BTW. I use a bar light fixture from HYPHOTONFLUX HPF4000

In addition added deep red and UVA LEDs

Moved my drivers outside the tent

Some information about LED lighting

HLG not makeing a bar style is the biggest reason I don’t use them.

I run a Growers Choice Roi-e720 in my 4x6, a spiderfarmer se3000 with uv in 3x3, a marshydro sp3000 in a 2x4, all are bar style and a spiderfarmer sf2000 that is a QB.
Ppfd is more evenly spread with BS lights and they can be hung alot closer to plants if one gets to tall iy isn’t nearly as big a deal as with a QB.

Bar style is the “newer technology” and it is superior to quantum boards in alot of ways but brand names do play a role.
Some believe if it isn’t HLG it can’t grow good weed with big yeilds.
But I regularly pull 3-4lb with my Roi-e720.

Google "Coco for cannabis ", the site has tons of information on light testing and comparisons.


Absolutely agree :100:
Only thing I’d add is they can be ran closer to the canopy then QB lights without creating a “hot spot” in the center.

This can be a huge benefit when plants get to tall and we can’t raise our lights :grin:


Above comments about a “hot spot” reminded me of a project I have in mind. What about quantum boards on a light rail? I remember seeing a setup that had a couple DE1000’s hanging about 16" over the canopy . . . light moved constantly, no bad hot spots, better coverage and canopy penetration over an estimated 5x10 area.

I’ve been thinking about reconfiguring a Mars TSW2000 I have and putting it on a rail. I think it would cover a 4x6-8 in veg, just guessing about that coverage though. Anyone know how I would read PPFD/DLI over the canopy under a moving light?


What would a good budget one

I heard they do have a UVA bar light but it’s made in China.

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Hey @dreamweaver Not sure what your budget is. But for less than the cost of an oz around here you can get all the best electronics; Samsung LM301B & OSRAM diodes, 320W Full Spectrum Plant Growing Lamp with MeanWell Driver.

HYPHOTONFLUX HPF3000 LED Grow Lights 3x3 ft with Samsung LM301B & OSRAM diodes, 320W Full Spectrum Plant Growing Lamp with MeanWell Driver, Dimmable Daisy Chain Light Bar for Indoor Plants Veg Bloom

Save and extra $15.00

What size tent??

Open room so can adjust size but figure 4x4

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Unfortunately you are correct. Was disappointed when I took this out of the outer box. It’s the same one you can buy from several different light companies. HLG sells it cheaper than anyone else at least.

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Asia far as I know, is where most electronics that on the cutting edge and affordable come from.

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