The Basic What, Where, When and How of LED's

Pretty good video on the tech of led lighting. A good basic primer on the subject. It’s presented at a 3rd / 4th level, easy to understand and not a complete super tech white paper presentation or a complete simpleton snore of a bore… I would prefer the more white paper super tech type presentation. But this is something most can benefit from.


Nice video. Im surprised by two things in there…1- dr.mj coco h8tes uv anything. Basically stating does more harm then good…interesting. 2-LEDestar diodes are a sliver more efficient then samsung in the lm301 comparison. Also more efficient in the 660nm deep red over the osram.

Now if we could get Dr. Coco on team HLG… I still find it odd that there’s not a single HLG light test on the CfC website or the YouTube channel.


Thanks! Answered some questions that I had about how they work.
I used to work in an old GE plant, that is shut down now, and they made PCBs in one section of it. I was surprised how many components that go on the boards. That are on a tape roll like the guy showed in the video. Just about anything that had somewhat of a flat shape, was on a tape roll that fed the assembly machine. The production was always stopped when I was there, but I would had liked to seen them in operation.

Thank you. So glad we no longer used candles.

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@Blastfact. Question for you, wise one. Does the heat of the LED base, (Warm lamp temperature), effect the the light output? Or does the temperature only effect the current draw with a LED?

I’m waiting for team HLG to state that this was an in-house test. And by the metrics quoted in the video at specific voltages. I’d like to see the complete dataset on these test.

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The only time I recall seeing HLG included in light comparison tests are those done by Shane at MIGRO. I think HLG wants absolute assurance as to qualifications and standards applied to the testing so they do not give their lights away to whoever wants to do a video.

Makes sense. I wouldn’t want someone making money off referrals from another company dogging my lights. I watched the Migro video a while back. I remember it’s called something like are the HLG test results a lie.

When I was getting my 350R I also looked at ChilLED. They just had the X3 for a 2x4. I thought it was way too expensive for it’s performance. Now they have the X6 mini. Looks like a killer 2x4 light. I think it’s $529. You seen it?

Yes I have. I check in on Chilled Tech now and again. I would like to have either the X3 and X3 Mini in a 2x4. I use the X1 Mini 65 watt with veg spectrum for my early veg light. When I but was setting up my closet I considered the X3 but went with three HLG 260s instead.

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That’s definitely a better choice. I’ve been so happy with my 350R that I’ll probably stick with HLG. That X6 mini and the supplemental bars Grow Craft is coming out with look good though.