Help a secondary timer grower

In the context explaining the first seedlings nutrition is it once a week or daily threw our the week same thing on The root nutrition.

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Depends on one’s medium.

Some mediums like coco and hydro require daily feeding from seed.

Others like super soils or living soils require no feeding at all or at least minimum feedings throughout the grow. None typically in the seedling stage.

Some soils have nutrients for the first 6-8 weeks (effectively water only until mid late veg).

It’s entirely dependent on the medium, lighting, and growers style.

Could u give a few more details on your setup?


Yeah, medium has a lot to do with it. Some super soils may be too hot for a real seedling and some seed starter ‘soils’ don’t have any nutrition. What I do is fill the bottom 1/3rd of a solo cup with my super soil, the 2nd 1/3rd a 50/50 mix of super soil and seedling starter and the top 1/3rd is seed starter soil. That allows easy growth of the roots, then as the root gets stronger, it reaches for the 50/50, then for the real stuff. Just be careful with seed starter soil as it can be difficult to tell if you’re over-watering.


Set an outdoors type of thing with black and gold soil


Do you know the specific black gold soil? The name or a picture of the front and back of the bag would be immensely helpful.

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