Help! 7 plants at WAAAY diff stages of life w 1 grow room- what should I do?

Hi! I need help with a self-inflicted problem due to a lack of patience and over-eagerness. I won’t waste time with the “how,” but basically I have 2 six week old plants (a Sour Cherry Kush and a Burmese Mimosa) that are between 18-24 inches (1 is showing very teeny tiny pre-flowers- they were kept outside w not great light so they grew slow) and I also have 5 Two-inch seedlings (an AK, a Gelato, a White Widow, a Bubble Gum and another SCK.) Normally. Would flower the two bigger girls in one tent and keep the babies in the other in Veg. The problem is I only have 1 grow tent and I would like to flower all 7 at once. Is there a way to slow the growth of the 2 larger plants until the 5 babies are close to the same size? They are all photoperiod and I’ve been keeping them on a 18/6. Problem is also I can’t put the big guys w the little babies or the big girls will keep growing too much…but if I keep the big girls out of the tent I’m worried they won’t get good light and will maybe start to flower, and also stink up my house. The 2 big ones are currently out of tent. I added 3 small house plant lights to make sure they don’t switch to 12/12 as they are in the window seal getting 12/12 natural light (plus the extra 6 of artificial light now) Any suggestions? Is there a way to put them in the Veg tent and somehow maybe block some of the light so they don’t grow too much more while the babies grow rapidly and then I can flower all 7 together? Or should I just keep them out of the tent on the window seal w the three small houseplant lights? Really appreciate any help here as I’m sorta new to this. Thanks!

Pictures would really help, but sounds like it’s a growing problem…
what size space is your grow space?
You may have to flower the younger ones a bit early, if you only have one space.

Here’s the two bigger ones (SCK Sativa dom on left and Burmese Mimosa indica dom on righ) the 5 babies are in the tent and they popped through the dirt 1 week ago. I have plenty of room in the tent to flower all 7. The issue is if I can leave the bigger ones in Veg for another 6-8 weeks somehow (either in the window seal w these weak house plant lights or in the tent but shelter them from the light somehow so they don’t keep growing…) or…, can I just keep pruning them? I’ve heard of people keeping plants in Veg for a very long time, trying to figure out the best way to get the babies on the same grow schedule as the big girls… I wish there was a way to just freeze them until the babies get to the same size…

And second question is if I am able to prolong the Veg state of these since they are NOT autoflower, will it impact the buds when I do flower? I’ve heard keeping in Veg too long is not good…not sure if that is true or not…

Oh, I seee what you mean by “growing problem” … like I posted this in the wrong spot? Sorry… it’s my first post… how do I move the location to the “growing” section of the forum?

The most successful gardens have multiple rooms. Not my Quote.

Propagation, primary veg, flower and a dry room if able. I don’t have space and get by with multiple tents. From small to large. This allows for different types of lights as well as different light schedules. It’s really a must to capitalize on the multiple grow seasons available through indoor growing. It enables you 4-6 harvests a year. It also allows you to keep those plant in the desired stages until such time as a change is desired. Keeping mothers is another good example of the need to keep the plant separate.

I recommend to flower based on size not age.

Of course. Ideally,I’d have 4 tents/rooms but I don’t right now. So, given what I have to work with do you have any recommendations? Particularly in regards to keeping a plant I’m Veg longer…and any effects that may have when flowering time comes? U think it’s fine to put it in w the babies on 18/6 and just keep pruning etc to keep it smaller? Or keep it out of the tent w just the little dinky lights until it’s time to flower?

I’m a beginner too,but you may try to lst the taller ones to keep them shorter, but then they would be wider.

Might need a bit more than the dinky light, but it will do great

In the tent I have a spiderfarmer 2000 but I’m worried if I put it in the tent it’ll grow too much… if I just leave it out w the dinky light will that help to stunt its growth until the other 5 babies get bigger? Or is there a way to put these 2 bigger plants in the tent w the lights/fan etc?

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I’m wondering what size tent you have that you think will flower seven plants with plenty of room that you can light with an sf2000. Something not adding up. Seven plants over ran my 4x4 and I flowered at three and a half weeks from seed.

6 per 4x4. Really needs to be a 5x5 to get appropriate space per plant. I tried 9. Don’t do that. Done OK with a single in a 2x2 using scrog.

You don’t want to stunt its growth. Try pruning. Give it vigor through pruning. Freeze your feeding schedule where it is til the rest catch up. When it gets too big, cut a bit away.

I’ve. Been doing some of that. These were just two plants we had in the backyard for fun- semi-neglected, never given nuts and they haven’t been under real lights yet. Had to bring them in from cold so We decided rather than chuck em, to see if we can squeeze them in to flower cycle w others. Do u think I’ll loose quality by keeping in Veg so long.? Also, rather than the couple toppings I’ve done, if I were to just hack the larger sativa in half, do you think that would haves negative effect since I will have lost out on some of those early Veg years? Or do u think that would be ok to do?

It’s a 4x4 w 2 sf200s. Only 1 is on right now. I realize 7 can get cramped but that’s not the question here. You can fill a 4x4 w two huge Stars or 12 lollipops. It’s less about the number of plants and more about the number of Colas. My buddy had 9 3 gals in a 4x4 w massive yield. Just provided more variety. Same number of bud sites as the 4 he normally does. The question is in regards to ways to keep a couple plants “stagnant” in growth cycle w/o prohibiting quality down the line when flowering. If you have any helpful advice relevant to the question then pls reply. Ty.

Growers keep mothers for a good bit of time before they cycle them out. Keeping them healthy is more important than the amount of time that you keep them in veg.

Reducing light isn’t going to do anything beneficial and could actually cause them to stretch. If you’re worried they will get too tall before you’re ready to flower the others, you could top, FIM, or LST.