Help 1st dry and cure

I have spent countless hours researching and still don’t trust the process. I have a mason jar of popcorn buds that i dried on a paper towel and burp every couple hours. It smells like a wet barn. In my research it is common and the smell will change for the better. I can’t be the only one worried about the harvest. I’ve been nurturing my beauties since January 3rd. Please help.

What’s the humidity in the jar? How long did you dry your buds before you started curing? How long have the buds been curing?

62% humidity packs. Ilet them dry for 3 days. I put in jar 5 days ago

I have not cut down my 4 plants yet. Im waiting for my experimental buds.

I’ve never used humidity packs. I like to throw a little hygrometer in my mason jar. There have been times I’ve dried for a week, put buds in the jar, and the humidity spikes. Back to drying for another couple days.
The smell is the plants chlorophyll evaporating.
After a slow dry, to about 62% humidity, the smell should diminish. Once you can keep the buds at 62% without having to burp everyday, you’re there. The wet barn smell should give way to that beautiful marijuana smell in time. I usually cure for 2 months before I’m happy with the results. But, that bad smell should be gone long before then.
My opinion, get a hygrometer. Your actual humidity may be higher and you need to dry a little longer. Once you get to a solid 62%, use the humidity pack and leave it for at least 2 weeks. Burping 5-10 minutes everyday.
That felt long winded, sorry. Best of luck to you.


Ty for the early morning responses. I will take your valued advice. Still the anxiety…

How long did you hang your plant after you chopped her down? The usual hanging time is 7-14 days depending on the environment she’s drying in? Did you monitor the humidity while she dried? Drying and cure takes time and patience.

I didn’t take them down yet. I placed some bottom buds into jars after 3 days on a paper towel in extra tent with humidity @ 45% and temp at 75.

image something like these.
Sounds like you may need to dry them a little more. Remove them from the jar or roll jar to separate buds and leave lid off for a couple hrs at a time. I will also hold the open jar under my tent’s exhaust for a minute or 2. I exhaust into the room.


Lower temp to 68 or so when you hang them. The longer they take to dry the better.
I found that a long dark period before chop helps as well. And dont chop during light. I went 24hr dark and then chopped , hung and dried at 55rh 68f. 9 days. No hay smell.


I will do exactly as you guys say.i will post pics and updates.thx

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I prefer drying around 60%/65F for ambient and use lots of airflow. Once close to my target they go in clear totes which allows me to drop a hygrometer in over night to see where I’m at. Then I can either go back on the racks or just cock the lid with air blowing over. I shoot for 10 days before jarring. A couple of those hygrometers in jars with the plant material and you can see just what’s up. Burp daily.

Before harvest might I suggest one thing to do? Bud wash. It is easy and does wonders to keep cannabis lively in the jar longer.


This is my go to site. I read for hrs on issues that i have gone thru and you volunteer your information. Priceless. Ty again.

I hang mine for a week or so at 45-50% humidity, which is where my grow room sits. I then 3/4 fill a jar, drop a hygrometer in there and see where it’s at. If my RH rockets above 62% I open it, leave for an hr or two then seal again. If the humidity keeps shooting up I will remove and hang for another day or two and try again. If I’m on the dry side I have 62% boveda packs that I use (60g) but I tend to use fan leaves that have been recently trimmed. At the start my RH can shoot up so I open the lid more and for longer but as I continue to dry and I’m getting closer to the 62% the rate it shoots up starts to slow down so the lid stays closed for longer. I put my jars in a box as well, nice and dark :sunglasses:. Eventually what will happen is your RH will sit at 62 with no intervention from you at all and your there :blush:

Man i cant thank you enough. Because of the information supplied i am now waiting on my next grow( cherry pie ). I cant wait to try the sog…

I just watched the video on bud washing. Wont that take off the trichomes and weaken the thc?

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THC is not soluble in peroxide. Potency is unaffected. But life of cured flower greatly increased.

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If bud wash doesn’t degrade the thc i will definitely do it.

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Do a search on the forum. You’ll find a bunch of people are doing this. Here’s the thing: cannabis in flower tends to develop White Powdery Mildew (WPM) and this can turn into bud rot of out of control. WPM will grow inside flower where you can’t see it and when cured it’s still alive and in your flower. This contributes to the plant material degrading over time. I bud wash, hang dry, rack dry the branches for 10 days then jar and burp as normal. My flower stays green and fresh smelling for months longer. Couple that with freezing your back stock and you can be smoking primo flower 2 years after you put it in jars.

That’s from one plant. A rainbow sheen develops from the mildew being rinsed away.

Awesome information im still reluctant to harvest even though i could take at any moment. Crap!!!

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