Hello people.. Newbie meeding indoor advise re lights please

Well hellooo… i feel as if i know you all ready as iv been lurking in the back ground reading the wealth 9f information in here… amazeballs rwally the product you some of you have produced it just wow!!

Well me im a kiwi living in Aussie, and highly well i have ordered a fair few seeds that actually arrived! Yes this surprised me as is well why im now here really…

So im officially brained f&#$ked!!!

I have been 8n the web now a few weeks like 24/7 trying to kaster this grow vefore its even occured… iv got notes all over the show and for l8fe of me i cant now understand a dam thing !! I get 1 lot 8nfo and think oohh yes i will do that… nect page ohh no i will do that… wtc etc…
Now weeks later no closer… BUT i do have seeds and fabric grow bags lol…

So now iv totally managed to confuse myself and overloaded of knowledge that has cooked my bra8n… 0lease can i have some help…

Ok… light?? Omg i am going to do my room/area in m

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What equipment do you have already? Lights are what u shld worry about first!

Haha… none!! I have spent last few weeks reading up gathering info… neatly buying a few times then i scare myself incase im wrong… and yup basically now iv fried with knowledge and lost any and all idea what to get… sooo much on line

I will try get pic what thought maybe ok and post… im still figuring this out so wish me luck lol

Big dog if you need help just ask and I’ll walk you through the hard part’s @WVGROWER

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Yea, I read so much on the internet I was worse off than when I started, but your lights are the most important part and I bought cheap lights at first and learned that the hard way lol, do you know what ur budget for your lights is?

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Help… lol

It just seems way to small and arrgghhh

Well id love to say well i dont wamna say lol… but ibwill javevto get some what qualify to be at all effective… or hook up the loo light as a room jaha noo but yeah not alot but will do what have to…

Bonus of being unknown here in AUS no mates me lol… butcan do safely

@dbrn32 this guy I know can answer your lighting questions


All my knowledge is in led so I’d certainly steer u wrong lol…wait for @dbrn32

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What size area are you planning on? :v:


I would need to know this too

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The best light I’ve ever used is rapid lighting
Chilled logic 3×3

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Little priced but you’ll be able grow for years with this light veg and flowers

Sorry have been unablw to answer as new im limited…

I have a empty bedroom thinkn making a temp wall or walls in corner about 1/3 of it is all id need… i think 3 or 4 plenty for now … …

And a update… i have managed to score a 1000w set up and off to collect shorty…
A sonic bulb … which apprently was told good?