Hello my grow northern lights

Hey so it sprouted on July4th… And all was well …that is untill i transplanted into final bucket 5gal.from1.5. I added to much to soil. But over nuted them started with 4 now down to 1 …i retransplanted them again back into1.5 for week or so with different soil and again back into 5 gal when i saw they were perking up and growth looked normal again…hope it’s a she …new growth growing again all seems well .any comments would be appreciated its northern lights extr from Amsterdam marijuana seeds co.! Not sure how long to keep in veg mode…20170821_163820|690x389


Thing is not sure how much longer to keep in veg mode ???

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I’m new here but I would say put them on a 12/12 schedule. But it’s up to you honestly I’ve heard that you can keep a plant in veg for a very long time. But I generally put them on 12/12 after 3 or 4 months happy growing! Hope this helps!

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I’ve got them on 18-6

Just added picture from this morning9-15-17 just edited original post .an added picture not sure if proper way to go but …quess it’ll keep all pictures of grow together…

Yes for veg​:+1::+1::+1::+1::ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand:

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@Smokesalot I was thinking i have started a white widow auto in dwc sprouted on 8-26 when she starts flowering i may switch then to 12 12 for this northern lights xtrm to begin flowering

I’ve got some NL growing inside and I switched to 12/12 when it was 21" tall, so it would fit when it stretched to 2X. That’s about the room I would have to lift the light without modifying it. Sure enough it is just days from harvest and it stopped at 44".

Your stretch may vary, but mine worked out perfectly. Of course, if I knew then what I know now from this website, I would have done some fimming and lst or a SCROG to get it all 21" high before switching to 12/12. Now I’ve got a natural plant with buds at all different heights.



Up to you when you want to throw the switch to 12/12. But as mentioned they will about double in size during transition- so keep in mind if you have any limitations on space.

The longer you veg, the bigger the plant- the bigger the plant, the bigger the buds- the bigger the buds, the happier the grower :smile:

Good to know I’ve got a 5 foot height limit plant under a foot still got a bit of growing to do …

Really, do some LST just by tying down the top or set up a SCROG. I didn’t and my NL is 44" high but it has buds all the way down to lower than the pot rim! I have a lot of branches tied so they stand up but you know those low buds are very far from the light.

@1BigFella i gotta read up on scrog have manifolded/ mainlined been tying outers down trying to keep canopy even

You’re doing the same thing. I think it is just easier with a SCROG net so you have a place to tie down all those stems. Or just tuck all the new growth into empty squares

Wa hoo… Finally it’s a girl!!! I’ve been waiting or my northern lights to show signs as to sex .and last night i noticed a couple small lil pistils …


So my northern has been growing since early July had problems with nute burn .now in Michigan mix…recovered and has been flowering for about 5/6 weeks now on 12/12 pistils browning Tricones partially milky i think ? Couple pictures of what you think ready or wait awhile longer?? @Hogmaster. @bob31

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How many weeks since first pistils? @Gman753

They need 8 weeks usually. You should see 75-85 % brown/ red pistils (I see about 75% white pistils) and check the trichomes. Those are clear reflecting the light.

Here are what you need to look for

When the pistils are browning it is time to look at the trichomes with a jewelers loupe or magnifier

Here is what to look for

Clear Trichomes are still growing

Milky trichomes are mature

Amber trichomes are past maturity

This is an important time for your buds, they need to fatten up!

And look in the buds not on leafs

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word! lol @Hogmaster

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