Heating grow box

Hi new guy here. I have a grow box that is 2x3x3.5 and is in basement that is about 60f . What can use for heat? Worried about night time temp dipping to much.

Hey there, welcome!

You’ll get some good answers here. My first thought is, what kind of lights are you using? HPS or MV will produce some heat that might mitigate the cold environment. I’m guessing a space heater might be your next option.

Is the grow area enclosed? That will help a lot to retain heat. Most of my issues are keeping it from getting too hot!

Best of luck. What strains are you growing?

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Simple answer run lights during coldest point in day and I am inclined to agree your lights will generate more than enough heat likely too much

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I built small room in basement and run lights at coolest time. Keep your plant off the floor if concrete you want to keep that root zone happy. I did set up a space heater to a thermostat so it kicks on when needed (68 degrees)was the lowest I let mine drop. Good luck im finishing my second grow and its definately better than first grow and all with the help from ppl in this forum, what a great bunch of ppl. Good luck

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Thanks! I am going to be using T5 lighting which I am not sure how much heat they put out. I am thinking that they will not put out much heat. Still kind of in the build stage. I have a temp controlled outlet that a heat source and cooling source can be plug into. I have fans to cool things down but nothing for real heat.

I am going with blue dream.

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I was thinking of a space heater. Looking into one made for bathrooms.

My humidity here runs about 45% thats my best scenario so no water condensate prob for heater, I use a space reg old space heater I have seen some on here reccomend inferred style. I also do my Veg with T-5 8 bulb fixture. It puts out some heat but nothing like my 400w HPS for flower. Also my light hood will do MH or HPS, I switched my last few weeks of veg from T-5 to MH because it seemed like the plants where not getting the intensity toward the end of veg. It was just a feeling I had watching the grow, good luck.

Blue Dream, NICE! That was my staple strain at the dispensaries when I lived in Cali, nice daytime buzz! I’m including that in my next order.

Thanks! I am excited to get going. Just waiting on seeds. Well need to fix the heat issue which keep coming up with ideas! I am new to this so I am trying to absorb as much as I can.

Height is going to limit or prohibit you from using high pressure sodium, you might want to use an inexpensive space heater like you mentioned, I have one as well, a 10 or $15 Walmart heater, it works fine

  • good luck

I got a heater well 2 different ones. One is a personal ceramic heater and the other one is made for bathroom still small but way to big for the space I have. This is a temporary space most likely moving come spring. So the bigger heater will work in my new space.

I did a dry run with personal heater and it maintained a 74f.


Size shouldn’t matter as long as there is a thermostat.