Heat or LED burn? Nitrogen?

  • Strain: Pouson Skunk from quebeccannabisseeds.com
  • Method: FFOF, amended with dolomite lime earthworm castings at start of flower 2 months ago.
  • 3 gallon fabric pot
  • 5.8-6.5ph going in
    6.0-6.2 PH runoff
    *900-1000ppm going in up until 2 weeks ago, flushed and went down to 700 going in, still about 900 runoff, milky trichomes starting today, just straight ro from now on.
  • Light system: Was using viparspectra 600w led. Think it was burning the plants so switched to my Hydrocrunch T5s that came with the tent and only using the led for just a few hours at lights on and at lights off
  • getting temps down below 77F is a problem for me.
  • Ventilation system; hydro crunch 6 in fan with carbon filter
  • Humidifier in tent, large dehumidifier outside of tent in same room. Both connected to inkbird humidity controller

I started seeing the droopy, dark green/purple leaves about 3 weeks ago so i flushed them out good and stopped given her anything with N. All I’m using now is a nute from kelp4less 0-52-36 and she started getting less dark and more purple and in that time she just finally started getting milky trichomes. I flushed her again last night, still droopy leaves. The darkest leaves seem to be up top at the new growth closest to the light. Just a few nodes down is normal green. Going with straight water for the next 2 weeks and gonna chop. What you guys thinks wrong or is you think it just the strain? also the curling is not under or over watering, it doesn’t change either way


What are you high temps? What is your RH highs and lows?

day temps can get around 79F rh is kept at 48-58% usually stays around 53%

You got an amazing grower about to respond…let’s see what he says

Looks like a potassium deficiency but if you’re chopping in a few weeks there’s not much that will remedy it in time. She does look overwatered though.

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Those plants look like nute burn: N toxicity topped with P excess. Your bringing the TDS down in your solution is the reason new growth looks better. Those leaves aren’t going to help the plant and I’d remove them if you can. Root damage is possible too this late in flower.

I’d be on straight R/O and monitor runoff TDS. Maybe a dose of Mycos at the soil layer.

Can you post a picture of one cola in white light?

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Best i can do with the phone camera

I think I would be removing any leaves that affect light to the lower canopy. I don’t know how much they contribute to the plant now. As long as they’re attached they will be somewhat of a reservoir of excess nutes FYI.