Heat helped somewhat

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Ur temp is fine looks like ur rh is abit low i would bring ur rh up to at least 55-60%

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As @Aussie_autos mentioned temps are fine in mid 80s and id agree on using humidity i try to keep my humidity in the 50s the entire grow it helps with growth

Yes my temp. is now low 80s they are looking better sense then, just in a couple of days, knock on something.

One thing I did wrong the bible I used said hum. Between 60-70% RH. seedling-veg… That is a recipe for fungus even with lot of air moving I found out 2/3 of way through veg… Got that under control hope. If I keep heat up to low 80s, RH In 45-50% range best I can do for now with out setting up second hum… Bigger problem Is going to be getting night temps up, goes to low very low 60s temp can be lower during 12/12 which I am on now. Veg at 22 hrs light, less heat issues. RH high 30s to low 40s nights, if I keep hum. On at night RH. 70-80%. Working to find way to get temps up at night. Nothing realistic or safe though yet. Sorry so wordy, thanks for your interest friend.

Hey @Samual I’ve found a way to better control my night temperature. Try running your lights at night and off during the day.

Have never tried that. Will see what I can do about that. See if that helps can’t hurt. Thanks friend.

Sorry to necro old thread I guess, but… That’s a very effective and easy solution, with a couple caveats. 1, a grow room is much easier for prying eyes to spot during (natural) night time. 2, a grow room which is dark during natural daytime is much more likely to suffer from light contamination. This is particularly true if everyone at the house are day-walkers as opposed to night owls. It’s only natural to be curious and want to check on your girls. but opening the door on a dark cycle from a lighted room will be a problem. Plus, you’d be surprised how much light can infiltrate through a small crack or door frame, etc.