Healing flowers

GG4 ladies 10 days away from going to those who need healing…


Nice…how long have they been growing? Flowering?
Are all the GG ladies slender?

Grow time was 5 week veg…Going for 60 day flower give or take a couple…these plants are showing sativa dominate in the flowering stage…colas are really sugared and fat on top, but the nodal spacing is fairly distant compared to indica dominate strain which is giving a slender top…not sure about weight until harvest…

First grow of GG so can say about any other seeds that are tagged as a GG4…But they are definitely sativa dominate as indicated by the flower stage…the veg stage showed indica…they are tagged as a 50/50 strain, so I agree…They grow in size and structure like indica but flower out the 50 sativa

Thank You…I will be growing the GG Ladies soon.