Flowering curiosity

Shes on her 4th week of flower. Is this normal?

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4 weeks of actual flower or 4 weeks from light flip?

Looks like a Sativa dominant strain.


Today is the end of the 4th week from light flip.

She is zkittlez strain from ilgm.

Then yeah, it looks about right!

How much longer til she actually starts growing buds instead of just a gang of pistils?

Damn. Agree she’s really showing her sativa genetics for being indica dominant


Several weeks still

Im a new grower, what exactly is really showing about her sativa genetics?

:disappointed_relieved: what is the difference between 4 weeks of actual flower and 4 weeks since light flip?

usually long narrow leaves are sativa dominate, while shorter, fatter leaves are more indica…

the first 5-10 days after flip is, lets say, pre-flower, a transitional time…

The gang of pistils in my picture… Isnt that considered preflowers?

No you’re in full blown flower now. Peflowers are the pistols that show up before or while you’re transitioning to flower.


The transition period (time from when the lights were flipped until actual flower) typically lasts 1-2 weeks.


The plant has skinny leaves and is a lanky bitch. Major signs that your growing a sativa.

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These are 6 weeks after light flip or about 4 1/2 weeks actual flower



Beautiful kolas… What strain is that?

Ilgm blackberry kush and ilgm girl scout cookies extreme

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I haven’t grown that strain but have the seeds. Congrats its a girl. I am surprised she went Sative side for only being 30% Safiva.