Have you ever grown Super skunk by ilovegrowingmarijuana?

Title says it all - just wondering what you used and maybe some pics or weights of harvests - thanks

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The guy your looking for is @Hogmaster he has nice super skunk


I did it indoor grow 4 1/2 ounces on 1 plant and 3-1/2 off the other but I could’ve got a whole lot more off of the plants then when I did I’m gonna try out door in the spring I bet you can get 10+ ounces no problem off of this super skunk


all cured and ready to go


is that auto or fem? I’m trying not to swear on here, but I find it hard to describe how sexy that plant looks - without using the word. Damn dude, good job! she’s a beaut.
Any advice on growing these?

@McLovin777 you will love it it’s a great strain

I use fox farm ocean soil and distilled water pH 5.5 to 6.5 I’ve not used any nutrients on one plant and almost came up with the right same results using nutrients on the other I have a new set of strains I’m growing now that I will be using nutrients and they where just fem

Can’t wait! Its mainly yield for me, and its the highest yielding plant on this site apparently (for space used)
so I guess we’ll see. Am I right in thinking you can take buds and they will grow back? or is that unfortunately only with stems and leaves -_- ?
thanks for the info by the way - im going to use Canna Terra Professional Soil Mix, which says don’t bother feeding for 2-3 weeks! which is sick

Wow that looks so tasty was that a regular or a auto?

That’s why I use the Fox Farm you don’t have to use anything throughout the whole grow at least I was able to do that and it’s awesome

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8 oz between 2 plants is great! if I got that on 4 plants id be over the moon, fox farm is the one. (accidentally said another brand so many times, but i mean fox farm)

White Widow is a easy plant to grow also and comes in autos . Mine were fems , I have 4 strains and the green crack is on the way to make it 5 and I still haven’t tried a auto grow but want to try one eventually.

I grew 3 Super Skunks (fem) this year (outdoors) . Ended up with 15 oz in the jars. I let them veg for about seven weeks and then flowered. I like to keep my plants manageable / mobile as they are in backyard. If you let them veg longer your yields should be monster. I also used the FoxFarm Ocean soil like @Hogmaster and the Fox Farm nutrients.


This is super skunk I just put it in the jar Wednesday, not ilgm but very stinky, you may need a carbon filter to grow it ? :v:


Got one on the list bro :slight_smile: looks utterly dank, nice work.

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If your plant is in flower it is at end of it’s life cycle you can take clones but it’s not like picking apples

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I love autos. Im impatient lol

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Question - we are first time DWC growing super Skunk fem auto We placed the seedling in a rock wool cube with the the Leca clay stones in to the net pot 6 weeks ago… the description said 48 days from seed to harvest and we are still not flowering at all. Using advanced brand nutes, hydroguard, root accelerator and an immune boost spritz. Ph is between 5.8-6.3 and our Pom has been between 4500-5500. Any advice would be appreciated.

Hi @DabQueen117 you really need to start your own topic. Every category has a post topic button in the upper right corner

Also the super skunk auto are 48 days in flower. That is how long they flower approximately. So they will probably go into flower in the next couple of weeks. And it about 48 days they should be about ready for harvest.

There is a topic I replied to it an found it here