Have to many temp issues cange light

Have a 31x31x70 tent is 1000w led big enough for that size.

It should be. Bear in mind, you should look at actual draw from the wall, not whatever the manufacturer names it. It’s a fair bet that the 1000w LED only draws a couple hundred watts,

You’ll want about 50 watts per square foot of actual draw for these run-of-the-mill Chinese LEDs.

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And you have between 6-7 sqft. so you would ideally want 300-350 true watts. A 1000w blurple is probably providing about 250 (guess) so it is close, but not as efficient as some other options for a similar price.

Got a marshydro led 600w

i started out with a run the mill cheapo led 1000watt on amazon and just upgraded to HLG 135 v2. itll be here in a week. im glad i did. i think its gonna one of my best decisions. no more blurple for me


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So the 600w is based on the number of 10w LED’s. none are run at their optimum output, so you are only providing 132 actual watts.

This will grow plants. They will grow slower, produce less over the same amount of time, and not have buds as dense.

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I got the HLG 260V2 and shifted my blurple to a veg tent. I loved the quantum boards so much I got a 135V2 for the veg tent before I even has seeds ready for the lights :wink:

Wanna buy a few blurples? Cheap? :laughing:

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That said, my last grow was one plant under a 300w. I added 8 CFL’s right over the buds when she hit flower, and after a long veg was able to get 2 zips out of it. It was great, but a lot of work for a little return.

Comparatively, I just pulled about 3oz off of one of 2 plants grown under the quantum boards - in 86 days from sprout to chop. The second is going longer to get fatter and stronger. And it was much less work.

Spend your whole wad on a few good seeds and an awesome light. You can MacGyver everything else out of cheap stuff if needed.

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This is the same wattage as your 600w, and works better, but you would need 2 for the wattage. But they have the 260W set-ups tat will knock your socks off, and there are 3 different sizes of heat-sinks to mount the 2 boards to to fit various size tents. They just aren’t on Amazon. HLG, or one of their retailers is better, probably cheaper, and they’ll assemble and bench test it for $25 if you aren’t comfortable doing it.

And, no, I don’t work for them. Hope this helps.

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it was a hard sell for me to upgrade but now im blooming and with my led 6 inches from my plant im not seeing any negative effects. that means my light is weak and worthless. thats why im upgrading to HLG !!

luckily i bought it from Amazon less than a month ago, so return it goes!! cheap lesson for me

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I used 2 of the Mars 600s in my 32x32 tent and they served me well for 2 grows. I’ve since upgraded to a bigger tent and better lighting but I have no complaints with the 600s. Good budget lights.

Nice that i can cancel orders, and buy better shit😁


Don’t just get what I showed you - shop around, ask around, there are diy builds that are cheaper if you are into that type of thing. It will be the most important purchase of the grow. don’t rush.

No no my light is on its way im just growing 3 or 4 plants max i still have my 600w hm hps

If you choose to get leds off Amazon, there is quite a few of us here that use/used roleadro brand lights and have had great results with them. They have a second generation lights that put off light that’s close to sun light. Also, I recommend getting a few 300w lights so you can spread out the lights some and have a bigger footprint

I have a 31x31x61 tent there isnt any room for multiple lights thats why i did my due diligence and read every top of the line lights and went with Mars hydro 600w snd yes i know that it dont put out 600.

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I can easily fit four 300w lights in my 32x32 but the mars should fit. I believe the 600w pulls like 260 from the wall