Have ph questions and ppm ec,

I have two girls, one is second week of flowering, no pictures yet but the pistils are starting to darken on some, so when I read her runoff it was a 5.83 for ph ppm was 1215 EC 2.0 and that was using tap water, which ours is at 10.0 for ph. I added just 1/4 teaspoons of tiger and big bloom from fox farm because did a flush last week to try to lower her EC and ppm and raise her ph, I finally got her down to 3.0 for EC last week. My question is I checked the ppm and ec of my feed before I fed her it was a .8 for Ec and 600 for ppm. Very low lethality. But when I checked her runoff after her feed her EC went off the charts to 4.0, and ph was still around 5…and the same similar thing happened with my pine apple express as well, low numbers then super high and still low ph after feed. Ppm is around 2200 give her take for both plants. The older one is on week 2 of flower, the pine apple is 33 days old, I just trained her and got her dominance switched to vertical, already have new growth! But I want to make damn sure my ph is around 6.5 as much as possible.

Mimosa: week 2 flower
5.23 gallon pot well drained
Fox farm happy frog for soil
Fox farm big grow big bloom and tiger bloom for nutes.
600W Full Spectrum LED light, 25 inches from light to canopy, she is getting close to 30 inches at second week of flower. She is in a 3foot square closet completely sealed off from light leaks with fresh cool air going in constaly. RH 42% to 52% temps 73 at night 81 day. RH seems to be slightly higher in the day time.

Pine apple express: 33 days old, 3 gallon pot, will switch to final 22 gallon pot when she gets bigger. She’s in a 16sqft grow tent from zeny same soil and nutes as the older girl, RH 68% 79F 24 hour light schedule, 1000W Full spectrum LED light, 26 inches from canopy. Only have pictures of the younger one the pineapple exspress right now, any tips would be greatly appreciated!


stop flushing your soil. Soil behaves differently from soilless media so will see higher salt concentrations but due to the buffers present it doesn’t harm the plant. That’s the first point.

Second, 5.8 is fine for cannabis in soil. If you were at 4.8 I’d worry.

Third, no nutes! Let the soil do the job.

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As mentioned above, let the soil do its job, don’t stress over the numbers too much, most important is the environment, watering/feeding practices, and enough light.
Happy growing! :seedling: