Hash oil technique

I wanted to know if anyone has made oil with out boiling down the mix …and insted just left the mix out to just evaporate at room temp over a few days?
Of course this part would be after the rest of the process of soaking the bud/leaf matter and then straining it out.

No, I used an electric skillet filled with water set below boiling. Just so there was no open flame.

I can think of no reason why that shouldn’t work. I’d say it’s safe to assume that unless you were evaporating on the surface area of a cookie sheet or something it would take more than a few days. You want to make sure you have some means to prevent any airborne or insect borne contaminates from getting into it as well like a cloche made of netting or screen.

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Yeah i was thinking of using a fine camping bug netting to cover it.

To me the idea make sence…all alcohol based liquids evaporate if left in the open…so I think it should work. I get that it will take a fair bit of time…but im not in a hurry.

I have to be able to make the oil without anyone at home noticing.

@simo78 Wanted to ask you how your letting your oil mic evaporate the alc out worked?

By letting it evaporate naturally it’s took something like 4 or 5 weeks. It worked but it was so slow.

I use a food warmer now…its only gets to 60°c. It still takes about 2 1/2 to 3 days to evaporate 600mm, but it works well and it’s unnoticeable in the shed on the work bench.

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Thanks for getting back with me. You have told me what I needed to know Thanks alot.