Has anyone ever grown lamb's bread?

Because of its history I am very curious if anyones ever had experience growing it?

I last had it at a dispensary in SF around 2003. It left a mark-I would like to grow it outdoors. I am curious what others have to chime in about. Mind if I hang around?

SL out

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Yup back 80 liked the high wasn’t stable definitely wasn’t an F1 yet seems like most everything was called lambsbreath when sensi first came out taking the place of 70 a key mexie brick and 200 a lb columbian …I believe that it originated out of the blue mountains in Jamaica sure do miss all of those great free solid landrace strain beans coming off of everybody’s double album covers…why do you want those seeds they won’t get you high but they sure did a whole lot of good folks the next fall lambsbreath…


Welcome to the neighborhood :blush::v:

Had some of that yes… Lambs Breath first bag i bought of it my mom caught me de-seeding it and flushed it all down the toilet…ugh… it was so good at the time that we thought it was laced. It came before the sensamillia phase. A precursor from Columbian Gold and Acapulco Gold. I would run into Maui Wowie and Kona bud once in awhile until sensemillia hit the scene.

No but thats what i use to smoke 30yrs ago

Saw a sh-- ton of lambsbreath that came directly from columbia…

And yes as I try to add up the years it was a good 30yrs ago…once the columbians got ahold of seed you could expect to see lots…did I say lots…of it…