The Bob Marley strain (Jamaican Lambs Bread) Grow thread

I’ve been after this strain for over a year and up until recently I turned up nothing.

Until…I found a Northern grower who had the legit strain.

Genetics: The Blue Mountain Jamaican Lambsbread

The seeds were shipped a few days ago and while I already have a busy schedule with my current girls i’m going to pop one or two and see how they do?

Feel free to tag along if you wish.


@Africanplainstrain Oh, I wish‼️
I had some back in 2006 at a dispensary in San Francisco. LOVED IT❤️
I grow outdoors,but never came across a breeder I trust with the true genetics. I don’t want a hybrid neither-just pure Lambsbread.
Positive vibes on the grow!:100::+1:

SL out.