Has anybody tried this?

Was thinking about trying this on my next run. Wondering if anyone has tried it and if so what do you think.

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There are a couple of forum members who have used it.


Overpriced. I used to use it, now I use Big Rootz from The Soil King.

@GreggT is big rootz good for autoflowers. I’m looking for a soil that I won’t need to go crazy with nutes. Obviously when she’s in flower that’s no big deal. I’d like to find a soil that I can just water until flower.

Look at Roots Organic Original. Have used it on 4 grows with Jacks and dont have to feed till 6 weeks from transplant. No flushing needed as well as no Ph swings.


Yes, no nutes needed. And as @Audiofreak stated, so is Roots Organic Original.

@Audiofreak @GreggT thanks for the input. I’ll give it a try on my next run.

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