Harvesting within hours...need advice ASAP

Strain- Blueberry Auto
Method- Indoor, soil

My plant is ready to harvest, in fact the trichomes are a Little more Amber than I’d like if anything. As of now, My plant has been in dark for 12 hours. If my auto is already a little more done than I’d like, then would it be wise to go ahead and cut her down now, Instead of letting her finish out the final 48 hour dark period? Or would letting her sit in dark for another day and half be ok, without running the risk of her being even more well done? Not sure how much more Amber development in the trichomes actually occurs during this final dark period- so Any advice would be welcomed and much appreciated! Tnx in advance!

Just go ahead and cut her down cut all the fan leafs of and hang her next morning snip all the little leafs off and hang again complete darkness low humidity. for 10 days get your jars ready or paper bags.



@Dr.DankThumb420 Thank You for the like Doc how you been?


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So to be clear here, to let her sit in darkness for another day and half will result in even more considerable Amber development?
So the benefits of leaving her alone in dark for the final 2 days does not outweigh the risk of her being further ‘over done’, for lack of better term?

Even in the final 2day dark period- trichomes will continue to turn Amber? The answer to this is YES?

Just want to be sure because if I don’t run the risk of even more Amber I’ll let her sit, but if I do, I’ll cut her down now.

Sry to be cumbersome with the Q&A, just want to have full clarity before I go ahead with the harvest process. Tnx again!

No problem. U always give good advice so I second it whenever I see it with a like lol. Im good and how are you my friend

Yes she will continue to amber if you leave her in dark so like @garrigan62 said chop her down if you don’t want it to ripen more

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It’s really up to you on what you want and you seem to know… so go and do what you feel is right.

will i’m doing good Doc

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If it isn’t already to amber for you I would chop her down. It will continue to turn amber so it might get even further away from where you like it.

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@garrigan62 @Dr.DankThumb420 @Jmesser80

One more question- this is regarding my 2nd blueberry auto. For this one I have decided to put her around 50 degrees during nighttime for the last couple weeks. I’ve actually been experimenting with fans and blocks of ice along with an AC unit, & it’s actually working- starting to see purple. I am a little concerned tho because she’s been going a couple weeks past the other one even tho they were planted a week apart. According to the calyxes, she should be past due, but according to the trichomes- she’s not. There’s only about 10% white hairs left on the buds. I guess My question is, can the cold air effect the trichomes development, at least in regard to its progression from milky to Amber? I’m afraid she’s already done- and by the looks of it she is, it’s the trichomes that are holding me back from harvest as I only see a few Amber. How does this girl not look done yet? The trichomes don’t say she is…confused


That is one monster cola!

I’m not sure on the answer to your question about cold effecting the trichomes. I do know however that my grow that I just finished up was the same way as far as the trichomes just didn’t want to change over. The sugar leafs in mine started yellowing so ended up chopping mine down.
Hopefully @garrigan62 or @Dr.DankThumb420 will have some insight into this for you. Maybe @bob31 or @Hogmaster can weigh in as well.

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Yes would love your input guys. I don’t want to wait too long. I mean like seriously the calyxes look like someone took the lighter up to the ends of em!

You don’t have a way to see the trics? I mean man if you think it’s time take the main and some other buds leave the rest for a couple of days might grow some more. . .

Cut it below the 2 branches and hang it. . .

Trichs have been all milky little Amber for a while - I’ve seen nothing different. Even on the top cola.


Cut it and hang it or clean it up now and cut all buds off and brown paper bags and let her dry a few days the bigger the bud the longer to dry she loooks great congratulations :confetti_ball: :wink:


I’d do what hogmaster said. . .

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