Harvesting Help Please!

Hey everyone, as i am getting closer and closer to harvest, i need some help and wisdom on how to do this correctly. The strain i am growing is 4 Blueberry Autoflowers that are about a week from harvest but i need to know how to harvest them correctly as this is my first grow and will obviously be my first harvest. I did some light LST training early in veg but i have buds from top to bottom on all four plants and i know the main buds on the tops are going to be finished before a lot of the little popcorn buds. I have heard and read of many ways to harvest and was wondering if i could and should take the buds as they finish or try to let them go as long as possible and take them all at once? I dont know if there is a difference in harvesting feminized plants compared to Autoflower? Any help is greatly appreciated.

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@latewood @Majiktoker @Donaldj @Aquaponic_Dumme Got another problem. The people i live with have noticed the VERY STRONG odor coming from my plants. I think i am within a week of harvest but was wondering if i change my light schedule from 18/6 to 12/12 or 10/14 will help them finish faster? Please help guys i am in a sticky situation. i know a tent and filter would be ideal but i dont have the time.

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Yes changing the time and extending the dark period will help the plant ripen faster.

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thanks @yoshi. Any other tips?

If the smell is easily noticed you may want to find a good place to harvest trim and dry because that is when they will smell strongest


When I harvest I trim wet after I cut the branches off than I hang in a cool dark humid closet for 7-10 days, are you can used the grow room if you not during a perpetual grow with the lights off and a the fans blowing over the buds lightly, you don’t want to dry them to fast but since you can control the climate in the grow room it’s more stable for curing. After 7-10 days you check the stem to see if it snaps instead of bending than I snip all the buds off the stem if it snaps and place in a brown paper bag for another 3-5 days, than once the remaining moisture comes out of the buds I place in jars burping the jars by opening for about 20 minutes or so shaking them around and opening and closing and I leave the jars in the same climate control darkness I dried the buds in for at least 4-6 weeks until they become dry and dense. Hope this helps but this is how I do it.


From my understanding, changing the lighting schedule on autos won’t do anything to make them flower faster, that only works on regular plants.

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reducing light auto or not will effect how fast it ripens the only difference with an auto is you can flower under long light periods they are still photo sensitive. If you want to trigger an auto to flower early give it 12/12 ahead of schedule it will flower it just means slight reduction yield.


@pbs86 you are in good hands I would’ve told you the same thing they said hopefully everything works out well for you happy growing your harvest will turn out wonderful

@pbs86 are you using a ventilation system and a carbon filter?

Run down to the local hardware store or box store and get some of the gel in a jar deodorizer odor neutralizer things. They work great. buy three or four of them.

If you have a grow or hydro store nearby they will most likely have them too

That will buy you sometime


I don’t recommend trying to speed up finish time as you’ll likely limit yield. Nothing comes good from hurrying cannabis growing, IMO. I’d beg, borrow, plead for a filter, if possible.

Good luck, be safe, and happy growing :slight_smile: