Harvest or not harvest?

My blueberry autoflower is looking ready for harvest. But the pistils are not brown all over the plant. Some of the lower pistils are still milky colored. Do I wait for all of them to change color or do I harvest o ly the ones who have at least 90% change in color. I have read books that recommend either approach. Any opinions from the more experienced members of the group?

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Have pictures?


I’ve grown Blueberry auto twice so far, you really need to take pictures (closeup) with high megapixel or use a 25Xpower loupe or magnifier to look at the trichomes on the leaves/sugar leaves

. Depending what effect you want, milky or amber if you wait too long it also may go Herm on you and produce seeds which you can plant and will be Blueberry Fem Auto. At least all mine have been since I pushed 1 plant, and got about 100+ seeds.
If you look at the leaves you can see milky and amber trichomes. When they first start they are clear then turn mily then amber. Read up on effects because you can change the effects by the grow Grow - THC, CBN and CBD: What Every Grower Needs to Know | VaporAsylum

Thanks. I know about looking at the tricomes. This was my first official grow. Back in the olden days where I am from you just planted the seeds and hoped for the best. I had a lighting issue that has hampered the grow but now everything is good. I was debating on whether to harvest or not on several factors that I didn’t mention in my initial post. Like the buds have pretty much stopped growing, the tricomes turning amber, etc. My dilemma is that part of the plant seems to be a couple of weeks ahead of the other. I had read in one of my books that some people take the buds that are ready and let the rest of the plant continue to mature. Don’t know what to do.

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Sorry, I am computer illiterate and its hard for me to post pictures. As soon as I can figure it out I will put a couple up for you. Its pretty much amber pistils at the top and the milky ones are towards the bottom, despite me having some lites pointed at the lower part of the plant.

Some have trimmed/topped and others have waited. It’s all up to your needs/ wants. If you don’t want a more couchlock then harvest earlier
. It’s whatever sensation you’re striving for, there is no exact timeline except, from what you’re saying the plant is close to havest.
I have harvested whole plants that have trailing ripeness all mixed up/ground up when used I doubt you’ll notice a difference, but if you read the article I posted with the picture YOU can change the effect or I should say steer your plant to the effect you want by the timeline of when you do harvest. FYI if you find seeds don’t toss but plant.

Don’t worry about the pistils. They’re only there to catch pollen. They will give you an idea of when to start checking your trichomes, but they’re not a good indicator for harvest.


I would never throw away seeds. I have noticed some tricomes on some of the leaves, which look like they have been dusted. I have ordered a pocket microscope so I can see the tricomes better. I have read about what you said on what effect you are looking for. I am a medical patient. Cancer 36 years ago. Severe pain in head. Thank you for your input. I

Ok let me try to get some pictures up.![20200709_234251|375x500]


Turn the light off when taking a picture. The one we need to see is blurple and can’t see. Least I can’t.

Maybe these will be better.


they look clear still to me keep a watch though on them. If you can get a real good close up one-of those colas and full zoom or use that loop with the camera lens. It will work.

The second and third pictures are of the main cola at the top. The first is from a lower bud down towards the bottom of the plant

This is bad advice. Always check the trichomes on the calyx(buds). Checking trichomes on sugar leaves gives false readings.


We always tell people to look at the buds not the leaves. Thank you for your input.

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When those pics were taken, you were weeks away from 12 weeks maturity, correct? Looked like they weren’t close at all :thinking:

I cant remember exactly, but I do remember that my harvest went in two stages. About half the buds were ready and the others were playing catch up. The last to get harvested was 12 weeks and five days. You are correct in your assessment of my poor picture selection. I will try to do better. I now have a phone that has a 42mp lens, a macro lens, and two others. It takes pretty good pictures for a phone camera.


No mistake on your part, I’m sorry if it seems to make you think… I was not trying to judge the photos at all :smile: looks/looked marvelous but not close to ready then

No harm man. I know you meant no harm and I didn’t take it that way. That’s why I did a split harvest on it. It was my first official grow and I was happy with what I got. I was super cheap the 1st time. Now, as funds permit, I am getting quality stuff. So 2nd time around will be different than the 1st. New gorilla tent, New HLG light, new soil, new exhaust fan and filter, and new nutrient line. Looking forward to it. Next month I am getting a new fan (T6) and filter and my nutes. Then its germination time for sure!