Nubie harvest question

For blueberry auto grow, 9 weeks since sprout, my pistils have started to turn brown, about 10%. Putting on my 25x goggles, all tricomes are clear. Do I wait until tricomes change color or clip when the pistils are +/- 90%. Or will everything suddenly come together?

Thanks in advance - shift8=*

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Bro no way it’s done at 9 weeks from sprout.

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Thanks, btw my grow room is in the higher temp range, going between 78 and 85 deg. Plants are green and healthy.


Wait for the trichomes - harvest based on them not "hairs":grin::v:

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Most go by trichomes.
One of my first attempts was blueberry auto. Days to maturity was 88, 102 and 108.

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How about pictures in white light?

There are growers who struggle to get amber trichomes like @Not2SureYet, based on his setup. I don’t look at them any more; rather look at the aspect of the plant to see if it’s mature. The concern with an early harvest is a loss of bulk during the final couple of weeks.


I’m charging my camera, it will be a while, pictures to follow.

The first plant to pop has the biggest buds and had some issue, but I fixed it. The other 4 are green and healthy.

A Complete Guide on When to Harvest Hemp

The first pic in the center bottom the newest bud has green leaves

The next 2 show the other plants with pix of the purple red plant with the huge bud (pix 3)

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it is pix 2 with big bud - sorry

They all had same soil, water lights, nutes so all I can figure is genes

Welcome to the forum. I have to agree with @Dclark Even super quick ones I have seen average 10 weeks from seed. It doesn’t mean there are none out there. I just haven’t seen them. I do mostly autos. Do you have any idea about what week of flower you might be in. I would guess you are still at least 3 weeks from harvest. maybe 4. I see most BB autos show a 8 week flower time advertised. :slightly_smiling_face: Once you see cloudy trichomes. You will probably be about 2 - 3 weeks or so to finish :grin:

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