Harvesting my plant

My plant is about 58 days old it’s a blueberry auto think it’s ok to pull

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still have some white pistels…and you cannot see the trichomes with these pictures… my guess is you still have about two weeks left… but a better estimation can be made with a close up of the trichomes(crystals)

What do I look for on the trichomes

you want to see 100% of them being cloudy or milky looking,…and at least 20% being amber,…or brownish looking… the more amber you see the greater the “Couch lock” or “stoned” feeling will be…less amber and it is a more “upbeat” or “social” kind of high… but you want some amber,…it helps eliminate any sketchy or paranoid affect from your weed.
at least that is my interpretation of it.

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Thank you, I appreciate your honesty and not for all kinds of money and your dead on the money they are about 2 weeks before the 70 days of this plants life span at least that’s what the specs say on these seeds. Happy growing