Harvesting - How to DRY the harvest?

I’m having a problem with drying plants.

I just cut a harvest. I hung the full plants upside down in a closet with an a/c feed.
The a/c vent is above a shelf the plants were hanging under.
That to say, some but not a lot of ventilation.

I read a Bergman article that said dry them for a period from 10 days to 2 weeks.
He said put a fan on them so they don’t get mold.
My problem is that after 3 days the buds are pretty much dry.
I should add that the harvest is very small, grown in a 2’ X 2’ space.

How can I make the drying period slow to 10 days or longer without developing mold.
What is the best way to DRY the harvest?

This may help ya out?

I grew in a similar space, harvesting one plant at a time. The key is to have airflow through the room they’re hanging in, but not directly on the plants. You could cool the room down some (60-70F is good) to slow the drying, increase the humidity some (staying below 65% to avoid mold), or both. You could also dry in paper bags or a cardboard box (my favorite). I ran string through/across a box, and hung individual colas in there, closed it up all but a hole in one end on the bottom and another on the opposite end in the top, and just let physics and thermodynamics do the circulation for me. I put a small thermometer/hygrometer in a hole in the end to monitor it as it dried. It worked great, colas dried in about 5-6 days, which was fine for me. If you want longer, just don’t cut it up into as small pieces.

I put them into a cardboard box, just as you described 2 days ago. I think it helped but in this case, because they were already pretty dry (after 2 days in the closet) it didn’t help much.

Next harvest I’ll go straight for the box.
Thanks again.