Harvesting and drying

I don’t want to over grow my plant to where it loses its potency,

can anybody give me advice as to how close I am to pulling it up out of the pot and drying it



How are ya? Haven’t seen you around!

How old from flowering is she? And refresh my memory what strain she is?

Certainly getting frosty!

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How are you.
Shes a Super silver haze, been flowering about 6-8weeks, more or less. As you know, our weather has been great. I finally brough her in today. Smells awsome


calling for frost tomorrow morning. Your instincts are good. I don’t see an amber trichomes on her yet @MaineCoonMom

SSH is a nice strain. If I had to guess, I’d say a week or maybe two. Do you know how to look at the trichomes? You need 200x magnification or higher to really see them properly


What colour are tricones?? Thay look milky to me

It just depends on the effects that your looking for … I push my ilgm ssh to about 11 weeks before I harvest… :wink:
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@bob31 @Caosred @peachfuzz
When I take pics , I magnify them. They are still milky. I worried because there is a bit of brown in the buds. I I was watching the weather every day I took it in as soon as I had to Is it feasible for me to put it on the lights in the house
thanks everybody

Ya , I thought I seen a lil browning in your pics…
In your position I might cut the lil brown spots out and put her in the house under some lights as long as there powerful enough , with a fan moving the air around the plant…not sure if what you have is bud rot for sure… but if it is , there is a couple of good threads on here that will give you ideas on what you should do next… :wink:
I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you and hope that it’s not and that you get to harvest that baby… :wink:
Good vibes fellow cultivator… :wink:

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is it rot or just dead ?

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I hope it’s just dead should I nip it off

(upload://4XlWQ9V4kOQ9L8RVRZ2VdawSLaW.jpg) she’s being loved in the house now with a plant light and a warming blanket and a fan


SOS. my plant seems to be withering. Should u pull it up and dry it

I think you might be overwatering… :wink:
Next time mix in a couple of cups of perlite , that will help you not to over water… :wink:

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Thank you
It looks horrible,

Hi @MaineCoonMom I’m not getting the pic. Can you upload it again please

Buds went from nice and firm to floppy
I may have over watered…should I just dry it

I missed that you posted the pics. What did you decide to do @MaineCoonMom

I can’t exactly tell from your pics what happened?

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I got nervous and pulled it ,dries,ruined it…I was sad, but I promise my next plants will be done perfectly. Thanx @bob31

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It looked like some sort of bud rot @MaineCoonMom Sorry to hear that.

Are you growing now?