Harvesting advice and tips please! :) first timer

Hi I’m currently on Day 73 of MSNL seed banks recommended 75-80 day grow for my Autoflowering Lemon Haze. She is getting close to the end but I would love some advice on anything I should do prior to harvest and during harvest to ensure the best possible crop.

What should I be doing for the last. Week or 2 of my plants life?

Should I have a dark period before I cut her down?

I’ve seen people use ice for a couple of days prior to harvest… is this something I would or should do for soil too?

Looking for any good advice or suggestions on how to properly prepare for harvest and then actually harvest. I appreciate the help and time anyone takes to try and help me. This is my first ever grow so I’ve been learning the best I could as I go.

-Currently using Foxfarm happy frog soil.
-Auto lemon haze seeds from MSNL seed bank
-PPM—around 700ish
-Foxfarm trio nutrients (big bloom, tiger bloom, grow big). As well as Cal-Mag Plus.
-19 & 5 light schedule —All LED lights have Samsung LM301B chips
-temp—75-82 during day, 70-75 during night


Well, with the white pistols it looks like you have another couple weeks left


Thanks for chiming in smokinmandie. I agree the birds need another 2 weeks or so. I was more wondering what I should be doing during this time until harvest to ensure the best possible crop. And then I was also wondering the best method of harvesting these pretty ladies.

I’ve seen people grow the plants in pitch black for several days before cutting here down. I’ve seen people fill their pot with ice a few days prior to cutting her down. And many other methods. I was looking for some advice on what to do at this point and in my upcoming steps.

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Thanks FixerPower. I’ll read the articles and work from there. Thanks for taking the time to read into my question

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Before you cut them down…what does your drying area temp/humidity look like?

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Water only, monitor runoff TDS until drops below 250 ppm. 36 hours darkness.

Do a bud wash!

Set up a drying space that is mid 60’s temp and around 55% RH for best conditions.

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I ordered a new 24x 48 grow tent that should be here soon and I’ll dry that and I have a humidifier and dehumidifier so I can control everything needed in there. And I’m growing in a bedroom so the temp is consistently in the 60s.

This sounds stupid but what is a bud wash lol?

I am kind of new to this also, so don’t take this to heart,
but from what I have done, your lighting schedule should be 12/12
maybe @Myfriendis410 can confirm