Looking for Harvest Tips

Hi all, I’m nearing harvest in what seems like a crazy long grow (maybe because I grew from seed) and I was hoping for two things.

One, fresh eyes on my pics to determine if they’re ready to rock

Two, any cool harvest tips that you swear by?

Thanks for looking :slight_smile:


You have a few weeks yet …look up ice bath , two days before ready put a bag of ice cubes on the dirk it make trichromes bigger . From the pick wait for amber to be 50%

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repeat the same advice.

Let them grow…they will pack on weight and increase THC. Got plenty of time.
Don’t forget to flush…makes a BIG DIFFERENCE


You’re close. Maybe 2-3 more weeks.
Sometimes they just take forever.

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Agree with above. Never used ice. I will recommend you wash your harvest in peroxide which will remove any environmental contaminants, sterilize your plant material and ultimately increase the longevity of cured flower. It’s also good for white powdery mildew.

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That’s a new one for me.

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I’ve found the color stays vibrant much longer. I attribute it to reduced organic decay.

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Interesting. :+1:

I’ve washed all my outdoor harvests, but not my indoor ones. Never really noticed if it made a difference. I’ll have to make a note of that. Thank you.

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Thanks very much. Where’s the dirk? :slight_smile:

I guess eh? I put the seeds in the dirt March 21st lol. I keep telling myself to be patient but I thought after I passed 4 months I must be missing something.

Dirt haha

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Are these photos or autos?
Are you on a 12/12 light schedule?

Photos from seed, yes, 12/12