Harvesting & 2 questions... are these buds salvageable?

Newbie here… This one bud on my plant appears to have a heavy dose of powdery mildew? And is what I’m looking at on the other bud rot? I’m harvesting today and plan on washing the buds (lemon/baking soda/peroxide), and was just wondering if I’m interpreting what I’m see correctly? If yes, is the pm too heavy for the wash? And I’m sure if the other is bud rot I should dispose of…
thank you!

Spray with apple cider vinegar 2tsp per qt of water, spray then wipe off or even cut off as much as possible using white paper towels throwing them away often then spray again just before you turn off your lights or sun goes down. You can use this up until harvest but I would wash your buds after harvest

Edit = forgot to say to shake off excess moisture from your buds after spraying them just wait a few minutes before you do… make sure there’s plenty of airflow to


Didn’t say anything about the rot carefully cut the bud in half and if it’s gray and powdery it’s rot and you’ll need to cut off anything that looks like it has it. Make sure you clean your shears, hands with alcohol between cuts one spore can grow


Thanks for your help and the additional info, I’m happy to say the inside of the bud looks good :relieved:

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It’s hard to tell colors in a pic sometimes, is it brown/black or just dark almost purple? It can change colors for a number of reasons not all are bad, cold temperatures is the most common

Hmm, well maybe to be on the safe side, I should just dispose of this one… It was very cold the night before, 25 degrees… I was hoping to grow longer before harvesting but the weather just isn’t cooperating. I have segregated this bud from the rest. I do see what you’re saying, there is a slight gray/brown color to it, however it is not dry at all… better safe than sorry! I do like the website you’ve shared, very informative :blush: thank you again!

Yeah always better to be safe, you don’t want to be smoking mold that shit could fuck you up. I would also clean up anywhere that the plant has been. I use a hydrogen peroxide the brown bottle from the store 3% stuff. If your plants are present use 3 or 4 tbsp with water in a quart size sprayer and spray the entire room or area plants and all, it’s actually good for your plants and good to help prevent mold mildew bugs and gives plants a good boost of oxygen. You can put a cup in a 5 gallon bucket of water and water your plants with it, it’s good for your roots

Then when there’s no plants around use the peroxide straight no water and spray the hell out of your tent room the soil where you are gonna grow in outside your pots tools on and on everything


This is why good air circulation and lower humidity levels are a must during flower. I exchange the air in my tent about 3 times per minute and have a lot of air moving around in the tent to keep all the leaves dancing a little. The added bonus will be strong stems too…

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