Harvest got too dry…now what

My buds got a lil crispy so I’m gonna try to rehydrate with a humidifier . Crazy? Stupid? Or just might work?
Any advice out there?

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You can add something like celery or I use fan leaves from other plants to rehydrate once jarred.


Somebody on here said they add an orange peel hydration and citrus scent at the same time.

Jar it up and add either a piece of citrus fruit rind, piece of celery or lettuce,vor damp piece of paper towel. Keep a hygrometer in the jar too, do you can monitor the relative humidity in the jar

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Not yet but will look into getting something. What is the usual humidity % for curing?


I use these:



60% is spot on

Like Midwest said, around 60

58-62%. 58 for joint smokers, 62 for pipes and bongs. That’s sorta the loose guidance anyway. :v:

I throw fan leaves from my live plants in the grove bags to rehydrate stuff.