Harvest - 2 More Weeks?

Am I close?

Had to do a heavy trim due to a bit of mold on a few buds. Looks clean now but hoping to harvest soon if possible.

Will do a bud wash.

What do you think?

I can only really gauge from the pistols but I’d say you are very close …more detailed pics of the trichomes would help …
Also you have to consider the possible continuing rot situation and think about how much more you are willing to tolerate

Your buds look great and your gonna get ripped either way lol


Better pics of the trichs would help, but looks like you are in the window. Personally i like to see some amber trichs on buds first. 5-10% on indicas snd 25-30% on sativas



Thanks guys. I’ll try to get better pics tomorrow when I get home tomorrow in daylight

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Are these pics any better. I did a major trim and feel I got the rot which was limited to two large buds (sadly). I removed the entire bud.

Do I need to flush a few days then harvest or let it go a little while longer.
Thanks guys

Id start flushing, get a few in and harvest and make the last one within a day of harvest giving you a little longer drying time. It is close

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Did my first flush this morning. How many days of flush should I do?

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You should be able to get 2 in a week and sfter the second let it dry out, flush once more and harvest a day later while it has water weight to prolong drying time a little. After final flush id turn lights off for the last day

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I have never flushed a plant …now I am not disagreeing with the practice ,I’ve just never done it .
I just plain water once I decide that within a week or ten days I’m going to harvest…I also like to give it one last water like @Medicineman33 said …helps prolong the drying time …
Not sure what your plans are for drying/ curing but I’d recommend a moisture meter and grove bags rather than mason jars …and when I say moisture meter I mean a wood moisture meter so you can measure the moisture of the buds …there’s a chart or something somewhere giving general moisture content for drying and curing …
That process is as equally as important as making it all the way to harvest .
If you dry and cure killer weed like crap that’s exactly what it will be


Thanks for the reply.

Yes, i have a moisture meter (actually 2 of them). Been reading and watching videos on checking the buds and the desired moisture reading.

I plan to use my wedryer bag to dry the buds with desired moisture reading.

I’ll leave as much stem and leaves as practical to slow drying. I also have the 62% humidity packs and mini temp and humidity monitors.

I also have grove bags waiting for the curing period.

Been reading a lot and watching a ton of videos on curing and drying. I feel pretty comfortable and don’t want to get in a hurry.

I also plan to put the plant in my shed for 48 hours of total darkness before cutting. Don’t know how legit that is but I’ll try it.

I was going to put in the shed tomorrow am and harvest Sunday. But, I’m debating if I have enough amber trichs. I do want the relaxing type so I can use to help me sleep.

Once I cut I am going to rinse per the video link above.

My biggest unknown is if it’s ready to harvest within the next few days (Sunday)?

Any additional comments would be welcomed.

The first pic to me the calyx on the right hand side of the image tells me it’s where you want it …if there is more of that across the plant .


Wish I could say that the entire plant looks exactly like those pics.

I topped the plant early in its life. It grew like a fork, left and right. One side seems to be weeks behind the other side.

On the god side, it’s very robust but I don’t see all the amber trichs in the same abundance.

Only planning to harvest the good side and will let the other side mature a little longer.

My concern is the good side isn’t all amber across that side. Wondering if I should let it ride a little longer or will the two days in darkness bring it along?

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Can’t say much for the 2 days of darkness because my only light up until this point has been the sun …lol
I’m going to try the 48 hours myself when the time comes

You are defiantly in the harvest window by what you posted