1 maybe 2 week left advice appreciated

. So she will b 9weeks from sprout.may28 tomorrow an trichrome pic coming few hours

Something is going on in your water ph swings , ppm spikes , magnesium issues , these are autos you are either feeding wrong are something is happening here . Yes it time to harvest that one , but first flush it out with at least 9 gallons of ph water and let it dried and cut and hang are all those salts that’s cause the plant to look like that is what you will be smoking :smoking:, very nasty and bad headaches . Fill out a support ticket for further help !


@Buck29048 hy man look like you plant have problems more that cut to dry you field, if you just need to know if you plant is ready to dry just check the trichomes on you plants

Was cal mag issue was corrected so what u see is scars but yes I am flushing her with distilled water

Was cal mag issue was corrected so what u see is scars but yes I am flushing her with distilled water, I appreciate all the help n advice n ywa I got 5 more to learn plus 6 in veg n I didn’t kno u had to up the cal mag as plant gets older … Duhhh yea I wasn’t thinking but
Northern lights auto ilgm
Soil ocean forest happy frog
Distilled water
No run off
7gal bucket breathable
Temp day 79-86 night 71-77
Humidity usually between day30-50
night 25-30
Mars hydro tsl 2000- 300 watts

??? ???whats up I don’t get first part

@yoshi how long should I flush

@Buck29048 to flushing you plant the last two weeks of you plant just water with pH on 6.0 to 6.5 runoff

And I said that you plant look like have problems and if you just need to know went to cut you plant to dry just look thricomes

One good time should be good sir @Buck29048

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@yoshi yea I figured one good flush n the problems were calmag now its cannbolising itself an has lots of scars but yea I kno bout the trichomes there mainly cloudy with very few amber so I figure after flush she should b ready @Mefis

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Does anyone know about putting your plant in a dark period before u chop her?? I really wanna do this right n try n bring out best possible in a week she should b cloudy n amber mostly right now she cloudy very few ambers n clear maybe I can get her at peak it is now 9 weeks from sprout

Need to be a least 10 days on darkness for dry them process to cure

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The w4 to 48 hrs dark period before chop gets all the stuff on the plant to settled to the rootball for better taste and smell off the plant. When u open door to chop after the 24 to 48 hrs u have a minute to 2 at the most Nd the stuff will shoot back thru the stalk into the plants so the faster the better be ready to say timber as soon as u walk in lol. It works and does give a better taste in my eyes so far yes it does

I’ve only done the 2 day dark and chop immediately, so I can’t speak to his it goes otherwise. I’m on the train of only flushing if I’m having a problem. I won’t flush at the end of a grow.

I read it this way and it made too much sense.

Feed a plant food coloring dye for 1 month and watch it change color, then try to rinse that out by flushing.

It does sound like you’re in the window. Do you have a loupe or microscope?

I hve 3 . y?? I kno to check the trichomes but being this my 1st grow an when i checked lastnight they looked good butnmaybe a week if … An on buds do white hairs all turn brown n disappear or??? I’m so excited
! @Underthestairs

@Mark0427 @Underthestairs so say the 5 she b chopped on the 3rd leave lights off from 3rd of June to 5th my birthday awesome day to chop my first plant
Ooooo I’m so excited I jus can’t hide it

@Mefis huh

I’m just as excited for chop every single time so far… I’m sure that wears off but not for me yet. Maybe when you’re pulling a pound and you know how much trimming lies ahead of you.

So yes, I have done the 24 hour (to 48) dark period. Theory is that at night with lights out, the plant sends all of it nutrients to the roots for sleep and keeps them close for an easy boost as soon as lights are on to start photosynthesis. So having everything ready to get in and either chop dark or as soon as possible with minimal lighting to avoid nutes back up into the plant is helpful.

I’ve had some white pistil hairs on mine when I’ve cut. But I really don’t like couch lock and we are putting to it in my house. So we are an earlier harvest family!

I am excited for you! Honestly, I think your #1 advice will be don’t stress. You start out and do what your taught, you gain experience and make each step a little better every time.


So @Underthestairs i have feeling i should wait few more days but can I ask u when do I stop watering her?? IMA try the 1-2 nights of dark period before chop n once ready open tent n chop plant right away so nutes don’t run back in, an obviously I should see the rest of the white hairs disappear

I don’t think there’s a black and white answer. This is the point where we choose our proceedings based on preference. I figure no more water for the final 2-3 days has worked for me.