Hairs on marijuana buds are orange, ready for harvest?

One of my marijuana plants is totally skunky and it’s growing in a spare bedroom. It has been budding for the last four weeks. The buds are replete with glands and a lot of the hairs have turned orange. There are only a few white hairs at the top of each bud. Should I harvest my marijuana plants?

These marijuana plants will finish ripening in around 30 days. The stigmas have begun desiccating, but the ovaries behind them have yet to start swelling (which provides more room for the glands to grow). Over time, the stigmas will being to recede into the enlarged ovary and the trichomes will start glistening under light. If you were to take a microscopic peek at the cap membrane on top of the trichome stem, you would see it stretching out to accommodate all the cannabinoids. Light will reveal sparkling gland heads, some of which will have a bit of amber coloring. When all this occurs, the plants are ready to be picked. Hope you harvest a lot of marijuana.