H2O2 wash for powdery mildew during flower

If dunking the buds in h2o2 water at harvest washes off the PM… Almost half way through flower (4th week) …could I spray the crop pretty heavily with h2o2 water then after 15min or so go back and spray just water to rinse them off to avoid turning the white hairs brown? trying to knock down PM with buds already growing.

I think that’s pretty much it. Or was there something else he can do don’t recall @Myfriendis410

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I don’t think I’d bother rinsing off after: mild peroxide like 2 Tablespoons in a quart of distilled or R/O water (important). Spray everything down, increase airflow and repeat every two days or so if close to harvest.

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that won’t turn the white hairs/stigmas brown? Still have 3 1/2-4 weeks to harvest. And I understand more airflow but you don’t mean to point multiple fans at the plants, right? Wouldn’t that stir up any spores that may still be around? I’ve switched to vertical fans to help stop the spread,…

Might turn a few brown.

If you have an increased amount of airflow, the thinking of not spreading is non existent at this point.
Changing your environmental conditions will have a greatest affect, in preventing its growth.

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My two cents

by saying everything he means everything you can safely spray and like anything you spray on plants do it at the very end of the light/day cycle and I would shake off any remaining moisture out of your buds

it isn’t my environment… or I guess it is but it’s nothing I can control… the building condensates up in the parapet, the space on an exterior wall where the wall goes above the ceiling… there is an air cavity…just discovered mold so I’m thinking that is the source because I sanitize all of my equipment and room thoroughly between grows but I have had it the last 2 grows and it has to pass a microbial test. The landlord is going to have to fix the problem… quickly

but yeah…still…change my environment … but my day time RH is 45% and night time is 30-35% Day temp is 70-74 and nighttime is 66-67…

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spraying the buds with RO water and hydrogen peroxide isn’t going to do anything as far as passing lab tests, right? no heavy metals or anything weird…? I just changed my filters so they should be good and filtering any heavy metals out of the tap water… and h2o2 turns into regular water after losing the extra o2 molecule… should be good, right?

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Be wary of dousing dense buds with anything liquid. You might push the wpm back, only to create bud rot.

Ive tried straight and diluted H2o2 sprays to try and kill wpm. It didn’t do much and it the wpm was back in no time.

JMS stylet oil is the only thing I’ve found that works to push back the wpm. It’s supposedly odorless and tasteless and can be used up until harvest. That being said, I still don’t like spraying anything on my buds during the last few weeks.

I’m with @Drinkslinger, using hydrogen peroxide is next to worthless for controlling mildew.

It also fries the pistils and stops bud development.

Higher temperatures, higher humidity, and better air circulation are deterrents.

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@Juco it’s going to be the same as the water on the inside and it’s recommended to wash your buds at harvest anytime you even suspect any molds, bugs, or rot. A lot of growers have liked the smoother smoke after washing and are washing everything because of it. Just remember spraying anything on your buds is risky and you should increase your airflow and shake any excess moisture from the buds a few minutes after spraying them last but not least always spray at lights out you don’t want the sun or light to burn them through the water droplets. Washing after harvest has more steps than just peroxide/ water make sure you look it up and understand how it’s done before starting… good luck

You’re good. It’s non-toxic, and food safe.

my temps are @ 78-79 and humidity is @ 45-50%, Night time temp is @ 65-68 with @ 30%RH. Then I’ve got 3 v-flow multifans above the canopy and 2 large fans on stands plus 5500cfm exhaust fan to purge the air ever so often… 500cfm fresh air with hepa filter. My space had/has a condensation problem in the winter due to a lazy builder. no air barrier either… I think the constant moisture dripping on a couple of plants has a lot to do with causing the PM.