Guys WTH are these?

Hey Guys I was feeding my plant this morning and noticed these black lines/dots around the base of my airpots(by the way I hates these). At first I thought maybe it was some soil remnants from removing some fan leaves until I saw movement. What the heck are these little bugs and how do I get rid of them? My first instinct was to trash the plant but as I’m only 2 weeks in veg. Any help will be great appreciative. I sprayed the plants down with some organocide and sprayed down the air pots but they appeared once again after about 10 minutes

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Lotsa yellow sticky traps, Diatomaceous Earth or Mosquito Bits for the medium, Captain Jack’s Dead Bug Brew Concentrate mixed at 1.5x strength in a spray bottle for the plant. Not sure the bug, but you have a definite infestation.

You can either sprinkle DE on top of soil and water in, or apply a heavy portion on the Mosquito Bits and water in. I take the Mosquito Bits, put about a cup full in a coffee filter and tie it off, then put in warm distilled water and make a little brew and soak in.


Thanks Man! I have some DE so I used that for now. Think I went a little #overboard? Lol


Look like thrips to me!

Will DE work on trips?

It should


The d.e needs to stay as dry as possible that’s how it works it’s very fine sharp pieces that slice the bugs up as they move through it if it gets really wet you should reaply for best result and you should figure out species’s to treat properly :v: