Guess which one pulls more watts! little old heater or 4 lights!


I’m guessing the 4 lights since the heater looks like an oil filled one and not a heating element.

No man, those oil radiators use 2kw - 2000w on max! - all lights on max output are…

So with this informstion it reslly has to mske you think! Is it really that worrying to have x2 1000w lights? :roll_eyes:

One question for you @Matthew420 are you an LED guy? Im wondering how close i can put the 350w actual to the babies, not over excited to set the10 srdwc up tomorrow i wont lie.

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Well for veg I’d keep it like 25" (but watch to see how the plants react) and down to around 18-20" for flower (again, watching).

The manufacturer should have that info available to be sure.

got it second hand on ebay :confused: and i cant find shit about them online - Z-NET 12 irs called, but they have so little info… wattage is good and they are build insanely well though i have to say.

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Definitely space heater. I have a tiny 1850
Watt ceramic heater that I use sometimes to heat my camper and it requires a 2200W generator to run!

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crazy isn;t it! people are all paranoid about the hps lights for their “high power consumption” yet your washing machine, or a heater on 24/7 not really uncommon if your wealthy (im not) eat so many more watts! :slight_smile: Its interesting. How many heaters on 18 hours a day can we get away with? :stuck_out_tongue:

Ugh, yeah, the space heater is killing me. Can’t wait for spring so I don’t have to pay for hot air on my plants!

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Why not just get a 600w hps! I mean you get a heater and light in one, leds for spring and summer hps and mh maybe mixed wiith leds for winter :slight_smile:
And if its too much heat get a digital ballast and boomshackalscka heat control. If its stilll to hit cool tube that shiz

Hope this helps someone – I have lined my tent ( in basement) with a germination mat of the same size. I keep it on 24/7 and my tent ranges from 77-84.

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