Guerilla Cheese + The rest...Skywalker Kush,Moonshine Haze & Larry O.G

Hey everyone I’m new to this forum well forums in general this is my first time doing anything like this and it’s my first actual indoor grow. I’m in a basement in Maine and boy oh boy doesn’t it get cold. I’ve struggled with temps and humidity alot. I’ve finally got to the point were I just said heck with it it is what it is and I have no more money to be trying to do this and that. But anyways I want you guys to see my guerilla cheese plant. I have it in a very crowded tent though which is a 3x3x6.5 tent. I am so worried it’s going to be a male, all the plants in my veg tent are just bag seeds that I tossed in pots and let grow I don’t know how many are going to be female but that’s an other adventure. I want to show you guys the progress on this one out of all the ones I have. I also have four plants in my flower tent that are 5weeks into flower that I have not posted on here yet. I did post on an other topic underneath basement growing pictures of my veg tent. Anyways happy growing and just trying to show of this beautiful plant and chat it up with some awesome people and get tips or pointers or whatever haha.

Here is a pic of my veg tent