GSCX clone in Coco Loco

Girl scout cookies extreme clone
Fox farm Coco Loco, soil less
FOX FARM nutes
150w cfl
2’x2’x4’ tent
6" inline fans intake and exhaust
2 - 8" desk fan’s
Ph of water and nutes 6.0
I let water set out 3-5 full days before use.
I know I need to check ppm and run off.
I’ve kinda gotten the hang of soil and because Fox farm ocean forest is so ph stable I haven’t had to check run off unless there is a problem and most of the time I can diagnose by the leafs before I water or feed. This is not the best practice and no-one should copy me as I’m admitting to a mistake in my opinion.


She is tall and happy so far


Just about time to top her.


Ok lost this one for a minute but didn’t totally forget about it.
Feed day started week 1 full strength on Fox farm feeding chart
Ph 6.0
Ppm 448
Water temp 68 F
Run offs
Ph 6.4
Ppm 458

Plant seems to be ok

Also her niece was put in Coco Loco last night , she is a 3rd gen GSCX in rock wool,.

@hillbilly103 what kinda run offs are you getting? Does yours rise as well?
I’m thinking maybe dropping to 5.8 if it’s rise that hi.

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My girls are so young I’m not watering enough to get run off. But I did a slurry test and it was 5.8
That’s the ProMix BX and 6.1 water. Slurry filtered through sterile gauze. :mask:

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Using time wisely…
As I wait on my ph meter to settle in the water for a more accurate reading what should I do?

O yeah smoke a bowl

Now that’s some good good

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