GSC X auto... please help

Can someone please help… my GSCX auto are 4 weeks into flower ,I’ve got some pretty major issues but I just can’t put my finger on it. Over the last 2 weeks ive done a flush , added pk13/14 , done a root rot treatment, a herbicides treatment…added mag, cut my nutrients by 50%, turned my lights to 60% power. Increased air flow… its got me F’d…
I have 6 plants all germinated at the same time and all fed the same canna aqua nutrients , all but one are suffering… they had been on an Autopot system but found they were getting over watered… 20210115_171229|284x500 20210118_153025|225x500 20210118_153130|225x500

I think you are just panicking the one with the curled up leaves looks like either the overwatering you spoke of or got a little light burn. But it’s pretty normal to get leaves dying off in the second half of Flowering. I’d like to see your leaves a little darker but that’s probably from flushing and could use a little food

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Thanks for your feedback…maybe I do need to chill a little , I added some CalMag today both in soil and as a foliar spray… also nutrients back up to 75%…fingers crossed.

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I’d try tying it down some

I’m using training wire to anchor down and spread the canopy. For an auto they are taller than I expected …tallest sits 1350mm out of the pot… Did some LST at 3 weeks, 3 have been bent over and 3 have been topped. Plants that got topped have a much shape. :+1: