Gscx auto at 8 weeks from sprout

Here’s my gscx auto at exactly 8 weeks old from sprout today… can anyone guess by looking at pic what week of flower I’m in and possibly how many more weeks? Just wondering if she’s on the right track for her age.

I’m in 5 gallon dwc under Mars hydro ts2000 light…using gh flora micro grow and bloom nutrients along with calmag, liquid koolbloom, floralicious plus, flora nectar…73 degree tent at around 50 rh. I’m around 1000 ppm’s and 5.9 ph


You have awhile . A pic of mine GSC auto she is about 90 days still have few left


Wow she looks awesome. Mine got too far outta hand and has way too many branches and leaves so i guess ill problably have a bunch of little popcorn buds

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Looks like week 2 or 3 of actual flower. If you can look back and guestimate when you first saw pistils and when they began to ‘button’ or ‘crown’ up, thatll help. But id estimate ~6-8 weeks to go.


If she was on time, I would say 2 weeks seedling, 4 weeks veg leaving 2-3 weeks into flower? :love_you_gesture:


O no, I LST the hell out of it, and mostly will end up with all soils buds. Take off the bottom 3rd and any small buds sites that are low. Pics of some other branches that are not main cola


I cut off alot of bottom growth as seen in 1st pic but if u look at 2nd pic, i have way too many colas…not real sure what to do at this point.

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Yeah I don’t know. With mine I use the train of thought that I would rather have a small number of thick colas then to have a lot of little pieces. But I’m a newbie only on second grow and harvest so still learning

Yeah thats what i wanted…how the heck is everybody getting less branches…am i supposed to be clipping branches or something? Every picture i see on here has half the branches i do, but everyone also keeps telling me not to cut off branches…can i cut branches from these autos?

I would say week 3. And looking good.

Of course you can trim away branches. They look strong and like they are reaching the top so many potential buds… but you can clean them up anytime.

I tend toward the more is better philosophy - as long as you can maintain airflow. From my last grow - about 60 colas from one plant:


Yeah that thing is beautiful…are u growing in coco? I have 1 plant going in coco for the first time, its about a week or 2 older than the plant in my pictures and about 1/4 of the size. Not sure what im doing wrong…seemed like it took forever for it to start growing wheras my dwc plants take off like a rocket but they get outta hand on me way too fast.


No this was in FF Ocean Forest. (And is not an auto)


Would really like to give that ff a try sometime soon…do u have some kinda feeding amount chart for using soil? I use the gh flora gro, micro and bloom along with calmag flora nectar floraliciuos plus and liquid koolbloom