GSC Auto Day 45

This is day 45 from sprouting, it’s been steadily vegetating for a while now, and has gotten considerably taller in the last few days as I’ve raised up the light a bit. I’ve only been lst’ing but haven’t done much recently, planning to scrog with a trellis soon once she is a little taller. Does it look like pistils are forming normally and leaves are healthy?


Well, for whatever it’s worth, here’s some autos currently finishing Day 36 for reference:

There’s a lot of variables, but I can usually cycle an auto roughly 90-100 days.

You plant looks nice from here :+1:

Happy Growing :v:

Plant looks great Growmie, you may not have the time to for a proper SCROG where the branches are tucked and manipulated to fill all the net squares before flower sets in. This GSC is showing sexual maturity and being an auto will start flowering any day now. Be prepared the plant will double or more in height. You can add the net for support though🤟

Thanks for all the support, I ended up putting in the net a few days ago and did some light lollipopping last night. I think she’s lookin good


:point_up: very good, nice work Growmie :love_you_gesture:

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Beautiful. You should have a nice looking canopy in a few weeks.

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