FastBuds Auto Girl Scout Cookie / Auto Gelato

Hey guys!

First time grow with fastbuds (my 3rd grow over all)

So im semi new / semi know what im doing! Haha.

I have 2 GSC and 2 Gelato growing - All 4 seeds have were planted 60 days ago and they’re all still in veg…

Im concerned i have photo’s and not autos! Or maybe they’re just going to be a big auto grow! Haha.

Any advice? I dont want to flip to 12/12 if they’re just late blooming autos, but i also dont want to keep growing if they wont flower without a flip?



Welcome here!

I had that very same concern, too, with my grow now, two strains of autos. My plants are about two weeks behind yours. I thought the same with my Blueberry X Big Bud as it seemed to not be flowering. It has finally started. I kept wondering if I got photos instead.

Looking at your two strains GSC says 8 weeks. One thing I know about the GSC-EXT auto I got here, have not grown yet but a friend (gave some seeds to) did this summer in his garden, I was surprised that it took more like 15 weeks start to finish for him. So not sure there what is going on. He had never grown autos, been growing for about 40 years or more, so not sure if he was just used to having a plant go all summer long and harvested late or what. He lives about 500 miles away so never got to see the grow in person.

Gelato auto says 10 weeks finish. My Blueberry x Big Bud is just now starting to flower and it was a 10-12 week finish.

The thing I have read on how many weeks a plant flowers or finishes out is that these figures are geared more toward commercial growers and it can fall a bit short of what a realistic home grower can finish one out. Not sure on the validity of that but makes sense to me. The times to finish are just estimates.

I would say be patient and see what next couple of weeks brings. Do they have small pre-flowers yet?

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Welcome to the community! Your Autos will do fine on 12/12 light schedule. Sometimes you get a stubborn one and by changing light schedule will help to get the flowering process started . Autos normally start to flower between 4 to 7 weeks.



Yeah - I know some autos take a bit longer than stated, its just 8/9 weeks from seed is a long ass time! haha.

Honestly, i cant even tell - what do you think? Vid below.


Best I can tell, by freezing the frame, I am not seeing pre-flowering. I know my friend’s GSC - EXT just seemed to have taken every bit as much of time as a photoperiod.

Autos need a jumpstart to 12/12 sometimes. I would try that.
Pretty cool how you got a video to post. I’ve never had any success.


Nice healthy looking plants they look ready to me they just need a little bump. 12/12 lights I would just about bet they will start flowering within 8 to 12 days. Good luck

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Cool - I think i’ll whack em into 12/12 on the weekend - fingers crossed i still get a really good crop!

Thanks for the info guys! Much appreciated.

Covertgrower - Use

Can upload any vid you need to on there!

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Thank you! This is very helpful.

Hey guys,

Just an update! I think the plants must have heard out convo because theyve all kicked into pre flower! Well atleast, im PRETTY sure these are pre flower?? Haha!

Surely 60 days of veg has to be a record?!

To post videos have to figure out how to change it from a jpeg to whatever it needs to post. It is cool tho ive tried several times and it always says jpeg videos not supported or something like that.

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@geraldjc1. I had a cheese plant veg for just over 11 weeks. Ordered af seeds and they ended up sending me fem photos after nothing at 10.5 weeks i started to look over the receipt paper and noticed they sent fp seeds. So she had a nice long veg time not on purpose but she is coming along great so far just about fills a 4x4 scrog