Grown 1 Foot in 1 Week! Update On My Plants

Whats up all just did an update this week its been 7 days and one plant has grown 1 whole foot!!! This is my first grow so I’m more that overjoyed!! ANYWAYS heres a update Day 133 Right Here

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Sorry for the cussing im just so excited!!



Your fine and so are your plants. One foot wow pretty cool how fast they can grow lol

Will joint


Yeah I think that’s about the fastest it’s grown since I’ve had them, I’m not used to seeing them sprout up like that. As you can see all my other plants are still pretty short except for that one, which is almost as tall as the wall.

I hear you @Manny_FTGUTube!
I have 2 autos going outdoors and the week I put them out they both shot up anout 10". Amazing stuff.


Yeah oh man I definitely love grwing it’s like I’m taking care of the children I’ve never had! They grow up so fast :joy: :joy: :sob: haha


The ladies look great! Fun time when the flowering starts! :sunny:

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Definitely I’m so anxious right now honestly haha I just want them to be done already but I know I still have at least a month and a half on that one with the buds already. The one that’s shooting up is almost as tall as me and even though I’m not that tall (5’8) I feel like it’s going to surpass me with ease.


Nice garden @Manny_FTGUTube! You can tell by your voice that you are in your happy place when walking through that sea of green.

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I love it! Thank you very much. I am in my happy place. Every time I walk in the backyard I go and sit with them for a little bit talk with them and ask how they are doing lol

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