Growing Schedule for Hydroponics for Gorilla Glue

Question from a fellow grower: I am using your Growing Schedule for Hydroponics - using the 9 week bloom phase with your Gorilla Glue strain. For my own knowledge, can you explain why the PH levels are reduced for weeks 4, 7 and 9? Does this apply to my strain (yours is Amnesia). Is there anything else I need to know about growing Gorilla Glue that is different from the Schedule?


It would be nice if you could post the link to the topic you are referring to.

Any time you would lower a PH to manipulate a plant; It would be to allow K to be more available

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I’m with latewood on this one - which chart are you using? I don’t see where in the Flower Power charts for drain to waste or DWC show a different PH for those weeks.


I remember reading that in one of the emails from Bergmann’s lab a few months back and it was to increase k availability

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