Growing other plants in same tent

Is there any positive or negative to growing other plants in the tent with your plants? Obviously in their own containers, but can I plants vegetables like peppers to be grown in the same grow tent as my blueberry mj plant?

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Sure but only if they don’t compete for light space and like same conditions don’t attract pests etc…


My thought was some type of pepper.

I know in a regular garden, if you plant hot peppers and sweet banana peppers close together- the sweet peppers take on some of the hot taste of the hot peppers. Just wondering if it’s due to the pollination process?

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@dmykins I actually am doing what you’re suggesting. I have green peppers, one tomato, and romaine lettuce in the same tent. The romaine lettuce is a little stringy from not enough light, but the peppers are doing great. Had an aphid outbreak, (I dont know where they came from, purchased brand new FFOF) so I had to remove and treat them. That may not happen to you, but it did to me. Remember to use pest control prevention anyways. I’ll get some great peppers soon. I highly recommend it. But as @Donaldj said as it doesn’t compete for space or light for for it. I happen to have extra room in my tent my first grow. Next grow after the kinks have been worked out, the tent will be full.
Happy growing!


@Covertgrower how large is your tent? I have a small tent, but thinking if I get a large enough one then I can grow veggies that I use on an everyday basis.

@dmykins my tent is 8X4. The cost was only $50 more for that size compared to $100 for 4X4. I figured size for the price why not? Next grow I may not have enough room, in the end of the flowering phase.

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You’ll be surprised at how little produce you get from a grow tent. This is why people who actually want to live off their vegetable gardens don’t plant a 4’ x 8’ area. A couple of meals and it’s all gone.