Growing a morphed seed

So on my last grow one girl popped a nanner, pollenated the whole tent. Flowers were ok as far as effects but taste was pure booty lol. So i throughout all the seeds from the culprit but save abit of the others that got pollenated. Trying a purple gelato that was pollenated by a super skunk. All where female so i hope that the seeds would be female as well. At least some of them. Not sure if its a good thing or not so far germination went flawlessly, actually quicker then i ever seen , considering im a newby( over 40 girls ) to date. And only 5 got messed up , im thinking for a newby thats good. Got some really good harvest. Considering my time frames and not doing lst correctly i averaged 2 ounces per grow. I saved enough money to afford to buy a new truck ,not out right of course lol but still. Sorry got off topic. So here is the pollenated seed right after transplant. So when i germed the seed it literally grew a 1 inch tap in less then 12 hours, over night. The following morning i put it in dirt place my dome over cup on heat mat and the very next morning it sprouted. This is a week after germination. Yes i know its early for a transplant but i have 2 sets of true leaves and i notice the roots weren’t coming out the bottom of cup like i have seen in the past, so i decided to transplant and when i did the roots literally circled around bottom of cup , i figured it was on its way to root bound. . Any thoughts , ideas, of anyone have any experience growing a seed from a plant that was pollenated during flower. Cause of nanner popping was a major light leak . Didnt even notice it. Open tie hole on tent right one top of a massive super skunk, well massive to me. I will include a picture of the girl that popped.

It was a really sad day , when i found the pollen sac had popped .


I’ve came across hermes flower parts while trimming…

Heart breaking… You try hard not to stress them.

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